Tuesday Morning AGAIN

Hey Krazies - my wonderful hubby took me to a different Tuesday Morning (He calls it Ruby Tuesdays LOL) and I found some cool new stuff WOOT. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

For those of you that don't have a Tuesday Morning and can't get these deals I was thinking.... What if I have a raffle for Tuesday Morning Goodies?  5.00 a person and when we get 20 people I'll go spend 80 bucks at Tuesday Morning and use the other 20 for shipping to the lucky winner.  What do you think of that?  If I get 20 people interested in spending 5 bucks each, or 10 people interested in spending 10 each I'll do it. Let me know :)  There would be no profit for me at all, I would just video tape the whole 80 bucks worth of stuff and ship it to the winner.  You'd have a 1 in 20 shot :)

hugs and chirps!

Card Request for Mom

Hi Krazies!

September 4 (Saturday) is my mothers 76th birthday.  I'd love if some of you can send her a card that you've created with "that machine thingy" mom calls the cricut.

I'll scan and  post any cards she receives here on the blog.  She loves Fairies, Angels and has collected dolls of all kinds for years.  She also enjoys her little chihuahua Charlie, plants, flowers and  'pretty' things.

Her name is Barbara Mckenrick and as most of you know she has Parkinson's and my husband and I take care of her so we all live together :)  25 Clara Circle, Glen Burnie MD 21060.

Thank you so much I look forward to seeing her excitement.   That's a pic of mom and Charli a few years ago when she broke her wrist. She'd kill me if she knew I uploaded it EEK! Shhh, our secret! :)

Coming later today will be 3 projects and a contest announcement and winner announcement.

Also, NINE packages going out in the mail tomorrow morning so those of you expecting prizes - they are signed and sealed and waiting to go to the post office :)  You Canadian winners are killin me LOL!  Hugs & Chirps!


Some New Carts, Some new Goodies, and Some new oranizing

Hi Krazies!

Take a look at what I got today - and a few things I did to my ever growing craft room. I suppose it's gonna be white pink and green LOL.

Let me know what you think and I'll give away a lil candy - blog candy that is :)


My Cricut Reward's Goodies

Finally got my rewards today - yaaay - and here they are :)

This is my Haul from Tuesday Morning

It's taking forever to process so if it doesn't play try again - it's 9 min long.

Tuesday Morning Aisles

This store ROCKS!

A blog ya gotta see!

One of my followers posted a nice note on my Rock Princess project and I went to check out her blog.  This is one of those quiet lil hidden blogs that is packed full of inspiration, creativity and fun!  Love this gal's style and have been browsing around all morning.  Check it out - it's a must see!

Cindy Loo Cartridge Project & Cool Cuttlebug Tip

Here you have Cindy Loo and I love this cartridge and all the cute cuts. Altho this card is hideous (go ahead admit it) this is one of my favorite carts.

The directions tell you to use yellow pattern paper and it made the card quite flimsy.  Also as you can see in the photo the bottom right side one of my Irock gems fell off - hate that thing and don't know why I bought a 2nd one (stupid move Tang)

Stay tuned cause at the end of the video you can see what I did with my cuttlebug. Tell me whatcha think :)

at 12:09am EST this video was processing - so give it a few it may not be ready.


Rock Princess Cartridge Project

Look who did a cartridge project!  MEEEEE!  I'm back on my game (I think) and alphabetically had to catch up by doing Rock Princess first as I got that last week.  SO here it is.  See those 3 bows on the right side right above my thumb? HATE THEM.  And the directions had me cutting out a few things I didn't need - watch the video for more details.  Turned out cute but what a pain in the cricut this was.

This is a great cartridge with awesome cuts!

Comin right up!

Hey Krazies -

So I only have SEVEN more Shape Cartridge Project's to do and then I'll move on to either Fonts or Licensed - which would you guys rather see first?

I'm working on the prizes and should get those out on Friday (crossing fingers)

I have 2 more Challenge Project Guest Designer items to upload.

And then life will be caught up... sorta.

Projects coming up by me:

Hannah Montana
Cindy Loo
Christmas Cheer
Beyond Birthdays
Animal Kingdom
A Childs year.

So what will it be krazies?  Fonts or Licensed next?


Old West Cartridge Challenge

Jen Stewart brings us another super fun project as a Guest Designer and she has a lot to say about this frame.

I need to say that this project is a little more advanced, takes a bit of time patience getting the small pieces together.  I bought a frame from Michaels in the unfinished wood area for $1.00.

1. PRIME your frame first - the frame soaks up a lot of paint, so priming first will help cut down coats.  I used 3 coats of paint total (primer, then 2 coats of green paint)

2. I found it easiest to cut pieces one step at a time and assemble.  i.e. cut all pieces for the horses, then assemble horses, cut all pieces for the hat, then assemble - etc. Oh yeah - ink all the edges - you'll be glad you did!  It just adds a bit more rustic charm.

3.  If you have a Xyron, it made it faster and easier to assemble all the pieces together.

4.  Lay all assembles pieces on the frame before adhereing them down.

5.  I used pop dots for adhereing to the frame.  Makes it fun to pop right off the frame!!

Remember this project is a bit more advanced using the Cricut.  There is a lot of shifting of keys and lots of different images to cut.  This project took me about 2 hours from start to finish.  Have fun - this project is worth the time and effort!!

Thanks Jen!

Hannah Montana Cartridge Project

Jen Stewart brings us this lovely project. Let me tell you something, when you think Hannah Montana do you think "Cheezy tween star" and "I have zero use for this cartridge"  cause I sure do. Then I got it and OH MY GOSH - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the font on there - there is only 1 or 2 HM graphics - the rest is all stuff you WILL use.

Ok So Jen says... I used a different ribbon (couldn't find pink ribbon with yellow stars!) and did not use glitter spray as I loaned it out and cannot remember to whom I loaned it! (ed. happens to me all the time)  YIKES!  Other than that this is a SUPER SIMPLE and QUICK project to make for a quick card.  The only caution I have is to make sure to use the FLIP button on your Expression or Create machine (or flip your paper over to cut on the original) so you have opposite facing guitars!

Be sure to stop by and see Jen at Scrappin' Aggie


Who wants to see my Big Lots Bargains?

So, Michelle at www.scrappinwithmybug.com lured me to the dark side by showing me the video of her Marshals (we don't have one) and Big Lots bargains. So Kristen and I run to Big Lots all excited and boy were we disappointed. NO Martha Stewart stuff except boring ole glue sticks.  However, we did get lots of cool paper.

Also on this video is a sneak peek at one of the 3 composition books I need to do... is it yours?  Hoping to get all my blingage and prizes mailed off this week (but not tomorrow)

Hugs and Chirps my Krazies!


Forever Young Cartridge Challenge

Karla volunteered for the Forever Young Cartridge Project and says  "I tried to stick to the example as closely as I could. I did not have any glittered purple paper so what I did was add some Stickles to the plain purple paper. The binder also called for glitter white and purple ribbon, but since I didn't have those either I went with a cream colored ribbon"  Quite cute dontcha think?  Please be sure to visit her at Always Clumsy 

Easter Cartridge Project Challenge

Xochitl Rico brings us the Easter Cartridge .  She says "The mini cartridges don't have a booklet therefore there is no sample project, but this means that any of the cuts on this type of cartridge are SUPER easy. For my project I decided to do the 3D basket and pillow box"    Details: Basket was cut on bazzil lavander paper cut at "fit to page" which yielded a 10.5 size cut. I decorated it with a bunny cut with purple Bazzil paper cut at 2.5 inches for both bunny and bow. I used primas in purple and pink at the top of the basket. The cut scores very easily and its simple to put together. 1 cut and it done!

For the pillow box, I used the same paper and cut it at 6 inches. Again the marks make it very easy to score and put together. For the bunny I just put tape on the inside with the sticky part showing through the window. I added MS glitter and VOILA its ready, super easy super cute pillow box. If you have design studio, you can use the same pillow box and change the design to use it for all your favorite holidays!

Cricut Easter Cartridge  on Amazon for 25.79

Please be sure to visit Xochitl  at Cricut Critter


NEWSFLASH!!!!!!!! Extra Extra Read all about it! WINNERS and Sneak Peeks

Hey Krazies!

Today I prepared a bunch of projects for upload.  The following Cartridge Challenges will be uploaded over the weekend:

Easter   -   Xochitl Rico
Hannah Montana   Jennifer Stewart
Lovely Floral  Jennifer A. Solak
Forever Young  Karla Orella
Old West - Jennifer Stewart

Those are the last of my guest designer projects to upload - if you are still waiting to see yours and you are not listed above, please contact me asap.

I have TWO Vinyl Winners!

Vinyl winner! (Liz) Which Craft  Lucky number ONE!  WOOT!

Vinyl winner from Facebook Page Lucky number 11  Jennys Scrapbooking Haven 

Get in touch with me ladies!

And finally the following folks are winners waiting on their prizes!

Christel Bonner - Bling Winner
Kathy Gillon - Composition book winner
Shelly - Composition Book Winner
Tracey Falconer - Bling Winner

I will get these mailed Monday or Tuesday

Warning:  I am SO slow with mailing stuff - it's a sickness I'm sorry but it's true.  But, rest assured if you win a contest on this blog or facebook you WILL get your prize... eventually.  You love me right?


Video tour of my craft area, Steal of a deal on Cuttlebug and some Blog Candy

Hey Krazies!

Below is a video tour of my craft area. I am also showing you some great finds that I got recently and showing you prizes for upcoming Kontests.

If you want a cuttlebug, or have been thinking it over. RUN to Amazon they have a SMOKING deal going on RIGHT NOW!  Yep - 39.99 which is a steal!  I don't know how long it will last so be sure to get it while it's hot!  The link is right here - whatcha waiting for?

OH you are waiting for the video - how silly of me? It's 10 minutes long, hope I don't bore you!

Bad news! I have NO Reward Points :(

Great news - look what's on the way! And look at the total out of pocket - WOO HOOO!

New Arrival Cartridge - 800 Points
Cricut Circle Scrapbooking with Cricut  - 100 points
Cricut Circle No Drama T-shirt - 100 points
Cuttlebug Winter Embossing Bundle - 400 Points
Zooballoo Cartridge - 800 points
Cricut Lanyard - 50 points

Total - 2250 points
Total out of pocket  12.62 for shipping and handling!

I am surprised by the amount of people who do not claim their rewards - it's shocking! I talk to people all the time at Michaels when I'm demo'ing and they say 'I don't have time to mess with rewards programs!"  I MAKE the time - this is my 3rd Rewards order from them - can't wait for it!  I wanted 3 birds on parade available to circle members - but it sold out faster than a Garth Brooks concert ticket.


Join me at the Hive!

Blog owners - join the hive!
Blog fans - join the hive!

This place is pretty awesome :)

Sweet Treats Cartridge Challenge

 Thank you Kristy Luccketta for yet ANOTHER Cartridge Project - you ROCK!  This Sweet Treats card is super sweet and any little girl would love it!  Don't forget to stop by Craftin On My Door and thank her!

New Arrival Cartridge Challenge

     Kristy Luccketta brings us another challenge with the New Arrival Cartrige.  Suddenly I'm really liking giraffes  they are super cute!  I'll be sure to link the video as soon as I can find the information EEK!  
Please be sure to check out her blog Craftin On My Door



Thanks for all the forgiveness I appreciate it!

I asked my husband to give me a # from 1-22 and he said "2!"  so winner of some blingage is....

Scrappin' Sista said...

I absolutely forgive you. I hope you feel better and that you will not push yourself to hard. We want you well and scrapping. 


Terrific Thursday!!

Hi Krazies -

I'm still tethered to the couch trying to heal my back and can't get to bloggy stuff. But I did want to tell you I had a terrific Mail day and one of my Blog Buddies has an awesome tip and video you MUST see.

Today hubby got a great card from Jenny Kozar wishing him luck and she wrote a nice note. Jenny, Allen says thank you!  Put a great big smile on his face.

I also got Joys Vinylology DVD set. WOW. If you haven't already invested in this gem, do it now!  Strike while the pan is hot my grandmother usta say!  I almost didn't buy them and truth be told I wanted to because I like to support my cricut friends and their business adventures (stamps, dvd's, etc) because we should all help one another dontcha think?  Anyway I figured I knew enough about vinyl and didn't need it.  Boy was I wrote. Within 15 minutes of watching the FIRST dvd I discovered 2 things I didn't know and one of them was a real WOW.  I'm not going to spoil it for you here, just go get the dvd.  You THINK you know all there is, trust me ya don't!  You will after these awesome DVD's - there isn't one there, there is TWO.  SCORE!  So head over to Joys Life if you haven't already.

I went over to visit Sarah at Pink Cricut and she has a video posted on how to clean your Cricut Mats.  Now, we've all seen video's showing you scrapping and cleaning and water and soap and this and that and it's just so messy and well... annoying.  Not anymore!  Check out what Sarah has discovered.  It just so happens to be episode 100 - she does great videos!  I'm going to try her technique this weekend as soon as I can run out and find the EL CHEAPO supplies you need.  Most of you can find the supplies in your husbands garage!  If you head over there, tell her Kricut Krazy sent ya!

Did you guys know there is Fuzzy vinyl? I didn't but how cool is that?  Buy Joy's DVD to learn more!

Hugs and Chirps!


45 more minutes and it's THURSDAY!

Hi Krazies!

So sorry you haven't seen anything on here since the blog hop but it's been a crazy kinda week. I demo'd the bug at Best Buy on Saturday, then I demo'd the Yudu at Michaels on Sunday.  Monday I hurt my back pretty bad and went to Urgent Care and I've pretty much been hepped up on narcotics and muscle relaxers ever since. I did manage to have brunch with mom today and lunch with my sister yesterday so it's not all been laying on the couch staring at the ceiling LOL.  However, I haven't stepped foot in my craft room for almost a week and that is VERY unlike me. I have 2 notebooks to customize for Blog Candy winners and a coupla cart projects to take care of.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I will upload 2 Guest Designer Projects - I promise :)

Who wants some candy?  Leave me a message saying "I forgive you" and I'll do a drawing on Friday :)

hugs & chirps!


We have WINNERS! FOUR OF THEM! Congrats!

Here are the winners of the Blog Hop and Krazy Contest!

Krazy Contest Winner is:

The Cropping Canuck said...
I'm krazy! I am also sending you the best thoughts for your husband. August 3, 2010 10:53 PM

The Cropping Canuck wins a bling pack!  YAAY!  Send me your address please :)  

Winner of Personalized Composition book is:

Shelly said...
Such a cute notebook! Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win a cartridge! scrappy hugs,
~shelly emailscrappyshelly at gmail dot com  www.scrappyshelly.com'

Winner of 2nd Personalized Composition Book is:
Kathy said...
Cute project! I'm definitely going to make some of these. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I'm a new follower!
kmgillon at yahoo dot com

And finally - Who won the Cindy Loo Cartridge?  Drum roll please.............

Anne said...
What a sweet idea - inspiring! Thanks for a great blog hop - I love hopping. And, thanks for a chance to win some awesome blog candy! I've been eyeing Cindy Loo! annekinn at yahoo dot com August 7, 2010 12:00 PM  

Congrats everyone - please email your addresses to me. Personalized notebook and bling winners prizes will go out by the end of the week. Cindy Loo Winner Anne will receive her prize directly from Scrappy Sales.  

Thank you EVERYONE who participated, is following Kricut Krazy and who have left messages. Hugs - Hugs and MORE Hugs!


Lets all do the Back to School HOP!!!!!!

Hey Hoppers!  I hope you are here for the Back to School Hop hosted by Pink Cricut!  Lots of fun things for you to do and projects to look at and oh yeah, lots of prizes!

Kricut Krazy is giving away a brand new Cindy Loo cartridge Courtesy of Scrappy Sales  She has great prices and excellent customer service - most people have their orders within 2-3 days - no kidding!  Show her some love by checking her out - she has some great sales.

Memory Miser has donated Happy Hauntings for the Blog Hop - in order to win this, you must leave a comment on every single blog in the hop. Then Sarah (Pink Cricut) will draw the lucky winner for that after compiling all the comments from all the blogs.

In order to win the Cartridge from me, you have to be a follower and leave a message on THIS post.  I will draw a winner on Monday around 3pm EST.  That way folks who are working have a chance to win too :)

Back to School Project

This was kinda fun.  Super quick and easy.

Composition Notebook found at Walmart for 25 cents.
peel back the black binding paper.  Keep it on the spine, just peel it back.  Cut your paper (2 pieces) to fit the composition book - mine was 9.75 by 7 something (sorry)  I sprayed glue on the front of the book and on the exposed black binder tape/paper thingy.  I rounded the 2 corners on the paper and lined it up then pressed it with my cricut scrapper.

Letters and mushroom were from Cindy Loo.

I took two different strips of paisley ribbon and made the bookmark and the closing thing with velcro - picture two will show you those.    Also, I put the same paper on the back repeating the steps above.

the orange paisley ribbon is glued all the way around except for about 1/2 inch where I put the velcro  The bookmark (green paisely) is glued to the back cover (spray glue) and then flipped so you can see it at the bottom of the book - it can be flipped over any number of pages  This view shows the velcro open and the bookmark over the top of the book.  I hope you like it :)

There will be 2 winners at the end of the hop.  Winner 1 will receive the Cindy Loo cartridge and winner 2 will receive this composition book (with their name on it, not mine LOL)

RULES RULES RULES - Your message will NOT be counted if it is posted before the official start time of the blog hop and you have to start at www.pinkcricut.com then follow the links provided.

That's it ;)  Here is where you go

Ashley at Her Creative Path 

Good Luck everyone and have fun!


Good News, bad News, Great News

Good News - blog hop this weekend with tons of prizes and fun - make sure you check back!

Bad news - I somehow hurt my back and spent time at Urgent care - pre-siatica whatever that is and a torn muscle.  So I'm gonna be loopy for awhile.

Great news!  Hubby went on an interview this morning (first one since he lost his job Tuesday) and got the job WOOT!  More Pay, Better bennies AND only 15 min drive. How awesome is that?

Come back for the hop- I'll post more about it tomorrow nite.

Love & Hugs

Cartridge Tote & Organization

Well I love my card cases but I was running out of room. So a few weeks ago I bought 2 of the CGull cases on ebay for 21 a piece WOOT! Free Shipping too.  Anyway today I was in a major funk and needing cheering up so I set up the bags.

The polka dot one has Fonts and Classmates on one side, Cake and Licensed on the other.

The leather bag is only for Shape Carts and Seasonal or Limited.

These totes hold 72 carts

Now lets look at the set up shall we?

As you can see I numbered the Rows.  1,2,3 and 4,5,6 and then the other side did the same. In the other tote I started with Row 13 and numbered from there.  No confusion with 2 #1 rows, etc.

Here is an inside view. I put all carts in alphabetical order. Then I put 6 binders/overlays in a stack and put a rubber band around them - then I numbered the 1st binder so I can see at a glance "Row 2"  I know that stack is for all the carts in Row 2.

Remember I told you I was anal about organization - wait till you see what I did LOL

I'm lucky to have a few cartridges linked on my gypsy that I don't actually own. A few friends claimed they wouldn't ever buy a gypsy so I asked if I could link their carts and they said no problem. So I put the corresponding graphic page and keypad in a document and printed it then put it in the binder for quick find.

And this is a spreadsheet I made.  1st column of course is the # (the list is in alpha order)  2nd column is location. so 2/14 means  2nd bag, row 14  then of course there is the name of the cart, type of cart, s/n of cart, notes and project.  Notes - gypsy only means I don't own the cart but it's on my gypsy and PC means, demo cartridges from PC that I am not sure are 'mine' to keep.  Project column I use for carts I already did the binder projects for.

I have 3 sets of the spreadsheets - 1 for each tote, 1 on my bb and of course the original on my laptop.
I can look at a glance and know exactly where to find the cartridge - no rummaging :)

Click on the photo if you want to see the large version.

That's what I've done today - what do you think?  Please don't make me bribe you to give me your opinions LOL.


Storybook Cartridge Challenge

Guest Designer Kristy Luccketta brings us another awesome Challenge project with Storybook - how cute is this? I LOVE the wand!

Please stop by her blog and show her some love!
Craftin On My Door

Straight from the Nest Cartridge Challenge

Guest Designer Julie says:  I found this really easy to make since there was a picture to go by and specific measurements in the booklet. I did change it up a bit on the sizing so that I can put in in a A2 envelope. I tried to attached a video, but it didn't work. I think the file is too big.

Make sure you show her some love on her blog: Ready Set Stamp It  


Coming Soon!

Hi Krazies!

Sorry that I haven't updated in a few days. Lots of krazy life krap going on - what can ya do?  First, I have all the prizes going out in the morning - I put extra's in everyones prize pack to make up for them being mailed late LOL.  That isn't the norm for me so please forgive me!

Second - Big ole blog hop this weekend with blog candy everywhere!  Two carts given away - one on my blog courtesy of Scrappy Sales and the other is courtesy of Memory Miser on Sarah's blog (I think EEK!)  anyway, lots of other give aways so be sure to hop hop hop on Saturday!

Third - I'll be updating the blog big time tomorrow with some of my projects, and designers projects so please hurry back!

Fourth - if you are still reading this and you want to win some bling please respond to this post by saying "I'm Krazy"  I'll draw a winner on Friday night.  Oh yeah, you gotta be a follower :)

Finally - hubby lost his job and is in a real funk.  So I'm asking for well wishes, prayers, hugs and if anyone wants to make him a card to cheer him up I know he'd love to receive it!  Please email me for our mailing address.  I'd love if he can see why we are all like family!

Thank you!  See you tomorrow!


Doodle Charms, Designer Calendar & Cricut Sampler. USuck card and tool box

Projects from Doodle Charm, Designer Calendar and cricut sampler Binder Projects as well as the USUCK card I made for hubby when he told me to stop buying crafty stuff and use the stuff I had :)  Also a cricut toolbox I made.

Hubby put me on restriction!

My wonderful husband put me on Restriction from buying anything crafty. He told me that anything I want I can put in a letter to Santa and wait.  He said I had to use the stuff I already have.  So I did :)

This is a card I made him and his reaction - isn't he a good sport? I love him SO much! :)

Everyday Paper Dolls Cartridge Challenge

Backpack and T-shirt’s

Back when Ragan was starting preschool, she wanted a Hello Kitty Backpack. The only one I could find was way out of our price range. So, I m...