Good News, bad News, Great News

Good News - blog hop this weekend with tons of prizes and fun - make sure you check back!

Bad news - I somehow hurt my back and spent time at Urgent care - pre-siatica whatever that is and a torn muscle.  So I'm gonna be loopy for awhile.

Great news!  Hubby went on an interview this morning (first one since he lost his job Tuesday) and got the job WOOT!  More Pay, Better bennies AND only 15 min drive. How awesome is that?

Come back for the hop- I'll post more about it tomorrow nite.

Love & Hugs


  1. Fun! Boo! YAY! The great news is the best of all! Congrats to your hubby and you. Hope your back feels better. Loopy can be fun. (Cyber Hugs!)

  2. God is so good! We just knew that there would be something even better out there for your hubby!! What a Blessing ~ hope you feel better soon.

  3. Can't wait for the blog hop tomorrow! So sorry about your injury...loopy can sometimes be a good thing. Thrilled that your hubby got a job. Congrats!!

    have a good one!

  4. When one door closes another opens. it looks as if this door was a great opportunity for your hubby. Congradulation!! Hope your back is back to good soon. just got over a hurt foot. Get to go back to work Monday. Lots of prayer to you.

  5. it's the yin and yang of life! the prayers that were offered up have been answered!

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  7. Hello Tangee. I am so sorry to hear about your back. I suffer from the same thing. What did they give you for it? I myself have tried many things, and am a Registered Nurse so I know all the little different regiments that work. It usually helps if you take ibuprophen, and a muscle relaxer consistently for 3-5 days. Percocet helps with pain. Congrats on your husband getting a job...I always say when one door closes another opens. Great project, for the blog hop, love the colors you used. So nice to be on the hop with you. Take care and feel better.



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