Cartridge Tote & Organization

Well I love my card cases but I was running out of room. So a few weeks ago I bought 2 of the CGull cases on ebay for 21 a piece WOOT! Free Shipping too.  Anyway today I was in a major funk and needing cheering up so I set up the bags.

The polka dot one has Fonts and Classmates on one side, Cake and Licensed on the other.

The leather bag is only for Shape Carts and Seasonal or Limited.

These totes hold 72 carts

Now lets look at the set up shall we?

As you can see I numbered the Rows.  1,2,3 and 4,5,6 and then the other side did the same. In the other tote I started with Row 13 and numbered from there.  No confusion with 2 #1 rows, etc.

Here is an inside view. I put all carts in alphabetical order. Then I put 6 binders/overlays in a stack and put a rubber band around them - then I numbered the 1st binder so I can see at a glance "Row 2"  I know that stack is for all the carts in Row 2.

Remember I told you I was anal about organization - wait till you see what I did LOL

I'm lucky to have a few cartridges linked on my gypsy that I don't actually own. A few friends claimed they wouldn't ever buy a gypsy so I asked if I could link their carts and they said no problem. So I put the corresponding graphic page and keypad in a document and printed it then put it in the binder for quick find.

And this is a spreadsheet I made.  1st column of course is the # (the list is in alpha order)  2nd column is location. so 2/14 means  2nd bag, row 14  then of course there is the name of the cart, type of cart, s/n of cart, notes and project.  Notes - gypsy only means I don't own the cart but it's on my gypsy and PC means, demo cartridges from PC that I am not sure are 'mine' to keep.  Project column I use for carts I already did the binder projects for.

I have 3 sets of the spreadsheets - 1 for each tote, 1 on my bb and of course the original on my laptop.
I can look at a glance and know exactly where to find the cartridge - no rummaging :)

Click on the photo if you want to see the large version.

That's what I've done today - what do you think?  Please don't make me bribe you to give me your opinions LOL.


  1. I was just looking at one of those on Ebay!! I guess I should have bought it :( Thanks for showing such detail. Now I'm off to hunt on Ebay!

  2. Busy girl today. Love those bags. I have 3 of them. Got mine from paper crafting pro. Wonderful job on your lableing and on the spread sheet you made. :o)

  3. Can you come to my house and help me organize!:) Great job. TFS.


  4. WOW you are super organized! I LOVE IT! I would be ashamed to show you my work area...lol! I am hopelessly disorganized! Thank you for sharing! Melin

  5. LOL thanks ladies! Sorry I don't do housecalls - unless you want to pay the big bucks :)

  6. I wish I could be that organized! I seem to have trouble putting things (in my craft room) away until it is a complete disaster!

  7. Wow! I love it. I also have a spreadsheet with
    my cartridges on it. I think I need to add the projects list to it! Thanks for your ideas!


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