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Vinyl Fun and a Heat Press

Hello Krazies!

The holidays are creeping up and if we want to be ready we should start right now, last month.  I've been a little busy myself, reorganizing craft room, relabeling everything with chalkboard labels and I recently got a heat press machine!  Nothing fancy, I was advised against it because it was "Cheap" but the way I figure it is I don't want to dump 1000+ on something I may use a total of 100 times tops. (That's pushing it) Here is the one I got World Paper 5-in-1 Multifunction Heat Press 30cmx38cm,8"And 10"Plate,Mug,Cap

Anyway - here are a few things I did recently

My 2yo grand-daughter has 2 sets of grandparents.  We are Green Bay Packer fans and her other grandparents are Baltimore Ravens.  I was trying to come up with an idea like the "House Divided" shirts and items we see.  I'm too timid right now to layer too much vinyl so I wanted simple.

I designed my image in Cricut Design Space and simply printed it onto Print Transfer for light fabrics that I purchased over at My Vinyl Direct Tip for you - READ INSTRUCTIONS FIRST.  <insert dramatic eye roll here>

I used the print and cut feature so I wouldn't have any of that gunky film left on the shirt after pressing it.  This is my end result:

Isn't it adorable?  The reason the "Divided" looks skewed is because it was.  The first time I arranged the letters I finally got it right and let out a sigh of relief.  No kidding, those letters blew all over the place!   2nd and 3rd time, could not get them centered and level, when I finally managed to get close, the act of closing the lid got air under it and messed them up again.  Finally I just went with it.  I did not read the directions which is why I messed up the 1st 3 times.  Ugh!

A friend saw the project on my personal FB page and contacted me wanting shirts for her sons.  One was having a birthday and flying in to surprise the other.  I did these with white vinyl from My Vinyl Directand they turned out beautifully.   I also did 2 matching mugs with regular vinyl as a thank you for being my very first customer.

This is the exact design my friend wanted.  I tried to design it up a little but she wasnt interested. Here are a few things I've learned:

  • Set your heat press to the correct temperature. If you can't figure out how to change the celcius to farenheit don't guess like I did.  Look it up.  EEK!  I burned the 1st shirt.
  • Use a Teflon Sheet so you can be sure not to get the adhesive on your heat plates (or on your iron)  Even with HTV that has the backing.  This helps prevent burning of the vinyl/transfer and protects your Heat Press. 
  • Make sure you press as long as the vinyl or transfer advises you to. Use a timer (I use the one on my iphone because I can't quite figure out the Heat Press timer....yet. I had all the vinyl off one of the shirts come off in the wash EEEK!
  • Wash your garment inside out the first coupla times.  Transfers have to be washed inside out each and every time.
That's about it until next time.  Have a great time!

Hugs and Happiness!


Hello! Fun toddler shirts.

Hi there!   I know it's been awhile but y'all know life gets in the way of crafting way more than it should, there should be a law I tell ya!

 Recently I did a complete redo on my craft room, using stuff I already had.  It had become a dumping ground and I needed order and calm in order to craft. I'll share some video and photos in the next week give or take. For now let's show you the shirts I made.  

I bought a pack of plain white toddler shirts in a 2t last week. I already have a nice selection of heat transfer vinyl and I knew I wanted something bright and cheerful.  I'm still in the process of learning my Cricut Explore and so far it is my favorite machine!  My crafting buddy Christie came over to check out the craft room redo and helped me with the ironing. 

Here is my sweet little Ragan sporting her Bee Happy tee. I used flocked transfer from Vinyl Expressions. It turned out pretty cute. I didn't have flocked skin tones so I mixed and matched. The black and yellow are flocked the skin tone is regular.

Let's talk about lessons learned while making these shirts. 

#1. Use flocked or regular. Don't mix them.   They look ok, it just isn't seamless like I hoped. 

#2. Use custom settings and choose iron on glitter. Works perfect for flocked vinyl. 

#3. Make sure every layer is flipped. I didn't realize that when I customized the settings, it did not automatically flip the image. As you can see in the close up, they layers aren't even.  Look closely at the second t-shirt with the owl. It's awful. 

Sorry I can't recall the cartridge the images were on. Create a critter I think. I have a few other things I'm working on and a craft room redo to share with you the next couple days.  I'd love to hear some feedback if there is anyone out there seeing this post LOL.

Hugs & Chirps!


Missing in action?


So, my plan was to do a few more projects with the Explore and post at least 3x a week here to share my thoughts and such with you guys.

Instead, on November 1, I went to work.  Everything was normal.  Suddenly I didn't feel right, I was losing my breath and my ribs felt like they were being crushed.  Hubby takes me to the ER where I was admitted and had a FIVE day stay. Acute Kidney Injury.  Fun huh? Ugg.

So the only thing I can really share is my view out the window and a coupla meals. But that would bore you.

So, with that said - I'll tell you this. I will get back to the Explore soon and I can't wait.  Please don't give up :)

Hugs and Happiness!

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