Hi everyone!

Happy new year! I hope 2020 brings you love, happiness and good health.

It’s been a few years and we’ve had many changes. I recently noticed that this blog is getting a handful of traffic, so I figured I’d clean it up bit and try to post more.

I’ve lost all my graphics as the person who designed my blog has disappeared. I sent her a deposit back a few months ago and we never got anything rolling. It’s mostly my fault as I couldn’t figure out what I wanted. I knew I wanted to revamp my blog. So here I am winging it.

First, I have a very good reason for being absent. Here it is:

We’ve been raising our grandbabies for 4 years next month. We are thru the rough parts. They were 17 months and just turning 3 when we got the call. We picked them up immediately and life has not been the same. I lost my amazing craft room as we needed the space for the children. I have no regrets and hope to have a functional room again soon.

I’ll share a few photos of stuff I’ve worked on over the years. Hopefully I can get a few more visitors and see how things go.

Can you share in the comments some projects you’ve been working on? Are you in the middle of the HTV craze? Have you gotten a new machine? I’m hoping for the maker but still using the explore. Et me know what you are up to.

Hugs and Happiness!

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