NEWSFLASH!!!!!!!! Extra Extra Read all about it! WINNERS and Sneak Peeks

Hey Krazies!

Today I prepared a bunch of projects for upload.  The following Cartridge Challenges will be uploaded over the weekend:

Easter   -   Xochitl Rico
Hannah Montana   Jennifer Stewart
Lovely Floral  Jennifer A. Solak
Forever Young  Karla Orella
Old West - Jennifer Stewart

Those are the last of my guest designer projects to upload - if you are still waiting to see yours and you are not listed above, please contact me asap.

I have TWO Vinyl Winners!

Vinyl winner! (Liz) Which Craft  Lucky number ONE!  WOOT!

Vinyl winner from Facebook Page Lucky number 11  Jennys Scrapbooking Haven 

Get in touch with me ladies!

And finally the following folks are winners waiting on their prizes!

Christel Bonner - Bling Winner
Kathy Gillon - Composition book winner
Shelly - Composition Book Winner
Tracey Falconer - Bling Winner

I will get these mailed Monday or Tuesday

Warning:  I am SO slow with mailing stuff - it's a sickness I'm sorry but it's true.  But, rest assured if you win a contest on this blog or facebook you WILL get your prize... eventually.  You love me right?


  1. OMG, Tangee you are too cute with the warning. Congrats to the winners!!

  2. OMG! That's me, I won some vinyl, I am just so excited. I will email you thru facebook cause I can't see a email address anywhere. Thanks so much!!!!

  3. OMG!! That's me too!! :) I'm thrilled! Just sent you a email with my information

    THank you

  4. Great post Tangee! I LOVE the warning, 'cause I'm the same way! I guess that's why we're Crazy Kricut Sistahs!!!!!

  5. Congrat winners !!!!!!! and congrats LIz whooo hoo thats awesome!

  6. Vinyl winners - do you want iron on vinyl or regular adhesive back vinyl? Congrats again :)

    hey CAC - we are crazy kricut sistah's from anutha mista!

  7. LOL - of course we love you!!!! Congrats to the winners!!!! :)

  8. Congratulations to all the winners!


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