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Video tour of my craft area, Steal of a deal on Cuttlebug and some Blog Candy

Hey Krazies!

Below is a video tour of my craft area. I am also showing you some great finds that I got recently and showing you prizes for upcoming Kontests.

If you want a cuttlebug, or have been thinking it over. RUN to Amazon they have a SMOKING deal going on RIGHT NOW!  Yep - 39.99 which is a steal!  I don't know how long it will last so be sure to get it while it's hot!  The link is right here - whatcha waiting for?

OH you are waiting for the video - how silly of me? It's 10 minutes long, hope I don't bore you!


  1. Congrats on that shelf unit! What a STEAL! Love all the goodies you got too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I really love that 12 x 24 pack of paper. The patterns are awesome.

    spantastikreations @yahoodotcom

  3. geez your long winded LOL.....I LOved the zebra vinyl!! hey can you tell me where you got it I wonder if they have it in leapord???
    What a sweet rich friend you have DANG GIRL !!!! The 12x24 paper was at our Michaels awile back and I bought ALL of them, of course I was buying for several people I have no clue what Im going to do with mine either LOL!!

  4. I love the easy access to the cricut carts, on your new shelf. Also love the gifts from Theresa! She is super sweet!!! Thanks for the tour and the info on the DVDs.

  5. Hi CF (circle friend) ! It ws fun seeing your craft space. I need to check out that Vinyl DVD for sure..I have a little bit of vinyl and no idea what to do with it. That Zebra Vinyl is really really fun ! Oh and I noticed on your blog that you are a Cervical Cancer Survivor. My mother died from Cervical glad you were one of the lucky ones to survive :)

  6. HeHe- my favorite is probably the Slim Jim box!!! I had several of these that I kept because I knoew I could make something really cool with them, then finally threw them outin the recycling bin! Now if you show some really great project, I'll have to buy more Slim Jims!!

  7. Love the scrap area (so jealous of all of the carts and the great deal you got on the shelf)!! I love the 12x24 paper, but I'm very jealous of the Rock Princess cart too. I've added that to my wish list for my little rock Princess. :)

    OK - I think I'm jealous of all of your wonderful finds/gifts!!! :) I'll be honest!!!! :) LOL TFS!!

  8. Jangee (sorry, couldn't resist! --- gave me a chuckle! Something my hubby would've definitely said, too!) :-)

    My fav. were the Cri-Cuts. Have always wanted to try them.

    Great video. You have a fun craftspace!! TFS!

    And thanks for a chance to win your blog candy!

  9. OMG...I love love love the cri-kits you have found...and I loved everything else as well but that little kit would have to be my top pick!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. Wow lots of goodies. I loved the zebra vinyl print!! I have to get me some of those DVD's thanks for the chance and for sharing you craft space.

  11. My nearest Michaels is over and hour away and I never get there or that direction. I love the 12 x 24 paper packs, I have never been able to find them. Guess I need to find a way to Micheals.
    angel hugs

  12. Definitely the 12 x 24 paper!!!! I have never seen any at my michael's or acmoore in jersey or here in florida! In fact, I gotta run out to the DMV today, so on my way home, im definitely going to stop by and see if i can find some!!

  13. Great craft space! I love the Cri-kits and all the bargains you found, especially the 12 x 24 paper packs, I have never seen them here in B.C.

  14. I enjoyed the tour, Tangee! I love your space, and all your goodies! I really need to get around to cutting vinyl...I know I would be hooked!

  15. i definitly liked the 12 x 24 paper,where i live we don't have any craft stores :( so I have to settle for what walmart has,which is not much here. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. Thanks for the tour. I always like to see where others work and how they store their supplies. I also picked up the 12x24 paper just in case I may need it one day. My favorite thing would have to be your pink ATG gun. I've been keeping an eye on my Michaels, but they are always sold out.
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. I really like that 12x24 paper, Now I have to make a run to Michaels to see if its available. Drat I was hoping I was finished shopping for a while,oh well Ces la Vie

  18. There are way too many "pretties" to choose from! But, my scrapbook room is pink, black and white and my favorite would be the ATG PINK glue gun. I have got to get me one. Thank you for sharing your scraproom and tips for all of us. Peggy

  19. Wow! My favorite of your finds was also that 12x24 paper!! I've never seen patterned paper that size either! Good Find!!!... and for a STEAL! :)

  20. I am wanting the Rock on cart. Your so lucky to have it.

  21. Love the 12x24 paper pack. I didn't know there was 12x24 paper. I would love to have a pink ATG glue gun. I looked for one over the weekend but couldnt find one. You have a sweet friend for all of those goodies! I have the Rock princess cartridge looks like a fun cart!

  22. Thanks for the tour tangee,my favorite was the Rock Princess cartridge I dont have it yet but I cant wait to get it. Have fun with all you goodies.

  23. LOVE the 12x24 paper stack. I have NEVER seen 12x24 paper before! I will have to make a trip to Michael's to see if they have it! :-) Thanks for the tour of your craft area!

  24. Tangee, I like the shelf unit you got a great deal on. You can never have to many shelves. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Hi Tangee. I love your scrap room. Your shelf is wonderful. :) I had fun watching your video. That was super sweet of your friend to send you those goodies. My favorite thing that you bought would have to be the 12X24 paper stack. I didn't even know they made them that big. LOL!! Thank you for sharing your space with us. By the way, I'm so sorry about what happened to your cat. I'm glad she is okay. I have 3 cats and they are my babies. Have a great day, Jenny :)

  26. Seeing your 12X24 paper reminded me that I have that stack somewhere too! Hmm... I should use it eventually!

    My favorite thing though was your pink ATG gun. I have a perfectly good red one, but I'm dying for a reason to get the pink one. It was great to see your space. :o)

  27. The vinyls were my favorite...especially the zebra:)


  28. Love the vinyls and of course, Joy's DVD!! But now I'm going to have to go to Michael's this week to see if I can find that paper!! I'm a paper addict but don't have any that size!!! I also love the pink ATG gun and I'm convinced I have to order one!! Thanks for a great video!!


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