Bad news! I have NO Reward Points :(

Great news - look what's on the way! And look at the total out of pocket - WOO HOOO!

New Arrival Cartridge - 800 Points
Cricut Circle Scrapbooking with Cricut  - 100 points
Cricut Circle No Drama T-shirt - 100 points
Cuttlebug Winter Embossing Bundle - 400 Points
Zooballoo Cartridge - 800 points
Cricut Lanyard - 50 points

Total - 2250 points
Total out of pocket  12.62 for shipping and handling!

I am surprised by the amount of people who do not claim their rewards - it's shocking! I talk to people all the time at Michaels when I'm demo'ing and they say 'I don't have time to mess with rewards programs!"  I MAKE the time - this is my 3rd Rewards order from them - can't wait for it!  I wanted 3 birds on parade available to circle members - but it sold out faster than a Garth Brooks concert ticket.


  1. Isn't that awesome?! I'm also gonna get New Arrival! =)

  2. Wow....did they finally rework their shipping costs?!?! Normally you would have paid more for shipping for just one cartridge than what you paid for that entire order! Good job for you!

  3. Awesome!! I have to see what I can get.
    I have something for you on my blog http://carasscrapnstampart.blogspot.com/2010/08/passing-on-awards.html
    Cara xoxo

  4. I love the rewards program! I wanted the Tags Bag Boxes and More cartridge but they took it off :( now I have to pick something else... darn.. lol!

  5. I had the Birds on Parade in my cart and then it wasn't there any longer. I currently am mad about the wait for the Cricut Circles rewards and now there limited availability. I am sitting on 4700 points and have most of the cartridge offer since many of them have been around forever. They need to put Picturesque and Pink Journey on the rewards.

  6. I love rewards points!!!! I'm excited for you!!!


  7. Wow, that's awesome. You did great!

  8. ok tangee, no u did not bore me . i loved ur video. it was awesome. gr8 job!
    my favorite item was ur $1.29 clear stamps. i still cant believe u dont stamp. i will have to teach u a thing or 2 . lol j/k
    have a gr8 day xoxo


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