This is my Haul from Tuesday Morning

It's taking forever to process so if it doesn't play try again - it's 9 min long.


  1. I love Tues. morning!! You got soo many great items, I'm soo jealous!!! Both stores near me are about 1hr. away so I don't get there often but hoping I can take a drive there on Saturday!! I hope I make out as well as you & Michelle!!

  2. great finds! most of what you had was at mine too! they had tim holtz grungeboard 2 packages for 7.99, and the slice, paper trimmers, tons of stuff. So glad you were able to find good stuff that you wanted! NOW your hooked LOL!

  3. Such amazing finds!!!!!!! Apparently I need to move closer to your neck of the woods. :) TFS - I'm super jealous!

  4. Awesome haul. I don't think we have a Tuesday Morning here in NY...I will have to check. I got a defective I-Rock too from Micheals. They let me exchange mine. You said you don't know how to stamp..what do you need help with??? Shoot me an e-mail, maybe I can help sar342@aol.com:) Thanks for the fun video.



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