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Tuesday Morning AGAIN

Hey Krazies - my wonderful hubby took me to a different Tuesday Morning (He calls it Ruby Tuesdays LOL) and I found some cool new stuff WOOT. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

For those of you that don't have a Tuesday Morning and can't get these deals I was thinking.... What if I have a raffle for Tuesday Morning Goodies?  5.00 a person and when we get 20 people I'll go spend 80 bucks at Tuesday Morning and use the other 20 for shipping to the lucky winner.  What do you think of that?  If I get 20 people interested in spending 5 bucks each, or 10 people interested in spending 10 each I'll do it. Let me know :)  There would be no profit for me at all, I would just video tape the whole 80 bucks worth of stuff and ship it to the winner.  You'd have a 1 in 20 shot :)

hugs and chirps!


  1. Oh. My. Gosh! I got the SAME paper packs today and was so excited! I wondered if they accidentally left the three packaged together but since you got the same deal, it was probably meant to be like that. YAY us!!

  2. YAAAY US! A friend of mine just told me she paid that much for ONE pack and thought maybe I got 3 by mistake.

  3. I just found out that there is a Tuesday Morning store 45 minutes away, but that's just as close as any other craft store. I really need to check it out! TFS - You're the best!!! :)

  4. Diggin' the haul chickie. I already love the card.

  5. i am all good for the $5, let me know when all of us addicted scrappers need to send the money to you. ilove ur goodies, the paper packs was a nice deal, good job. and i dont no if we have a tuesday mornings near us, i will have to check. i have never heard of it. w/ my luck its a down south store. xoxo

  6. I'd be in for the $5! I don't have a Tuesday Morning in my town. My mom does but she is 400 miles away and she wouldn't know what to get if I told her!!!

  7. congrats on more bargains girl!!! I hope your hubby doesnt hate me tooo much! give him a big slobbery kiss (on the cheek) for me for taking you...what a sweetie to understand our Krazyness !!!

  8. To Tangee and Michelle you guys are awesome for letting us know about this store tuesday morning, Tangee I sent you a message a few days ago on facebook, letting you know after watching your video on the haul of your goodies I kinda copied off of you and went crazy buying and I found this store near me never knew it has been there for 5yrs lol ck out my blog to see my haul @


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