Kricut Krazy has a new sponsor!

I am SO excited!  We have a new Sponsor ! 

Have you heard of:

They have a club - it's 9.95 a month and you get all your cricut  cartridges, tools, supplies, etc at VERY cheap prices!  Can't justify/afford 9.95?  Go in with a friend!  They ship super fast and have excellent customer service.  When you join, they give you 2 days FREE to shop around - you can even place an order at membership prices and cancel 2 days later if you don't like it. It's well worth it so please check it out!

I'm not sure what they've donated but they shipped it today and as soon as I know, you will too :)

Just finished 2 projects  Nursery Rhymes and New Arrival but have to video tape them. Also didn't get to post office as planned due to situation with mom, but will go tomorrow.  Then I have Country Life, Christmas Cheer, Celebrations, Beyond Birthdays, Animal Kingdom and A Child's Year before starting on Font Projects.

Please be sure to check out Paper Crafting Pro!


  1. Yay my CKS!! How awsome is that! But booooooooo on your enabling! I may have to get a paying job because of you :(

  2. Awesome! Congrats!! I was thinking about joining today, actually!


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