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Who wants to see my Big Lots Bargains?

So, Michelle at lured me to the dark side by showing me the video of her Marshals (we don't have one) and Big Lots bargains. So Kristen and I run to Big Lots all excited and boy were we disappointed. NO Martha Stewart stuff except boring ole glue sticks.  However, we did get lots of cool paper.

Also on this video is a sneak peek at one of the 3 composition books I need to do... is it yours?  Hoping to get all my blingage and prizes mailed off this week (but not tomorrow)

Hugs and Chirps my Krazies!


  1. You'll learn very quickly that Big Lots can be a big hit or a big miss! You just never know what you might be lucky enough to find and then the next time you go back it could be nothing but junk. Don't give up just because you were disappointed the first time. The second time may be the charm!

  2. I liked your video, Thanks for sharing, I need to go to big lots soon!!!

  3. I bought a few packs of the open stock paper packs when we were on vacation in Erie, Pa. They are made by DCVW. I bought paper yesterday and kept yelling at my husband to look at the cute paper. He doesn't get it.

  4. AWWWEEE you called me your FRIEND !!!! I knew you liked me !!!!!
    Glad you found some good stuff, I'll be posting another video of some other stuff I found...uh huh you'll need to go shopping again LOL !!!

  5. No way Tangee, Michelle is MY friend!! HAHAHAHAHA! We're all CKS!! I got lucky at my Big Lots this last time, but before that, they only had those lame glue sticks too!

  6. Every time I watch a video about someone's BG haul, I run to my store and am disappointed. I do love paper though, so I may make a trip tomorrow and check it out. Thanks for sharing!
    And I LOVE my book! Thanks for the sneak peek! I can't wait!

  7. Nice haul!! And, no, one can never have enough paper! No Big Lots nearby, but we do have a Marshall's...didn't know some of them carried crafty stuff...thanks for the tip! :-)

  8. I scored big only once at Big lots. I bought tons of Martha Stewart paper, stickers, rub ons, and Scotch quick dry adhesive. At that time, I also cleaned up on the Cuttlebug folders. Try Tueday Morning if they have them in your area. They carry a lot DCWV stickers and paper packs.

  9. I'm so jealous, it looks like you walked away with an awesome haul!!!!! :) Sometimes I wish we lived closer to a city so I could look for deals like that. Although my hubby is glad we don't because I would spend most of his paycheck on paper. :)

  10. I'm watching your video and find myself saying "Oooh!" and "Ahhh" out loud! Love your stuff-good haul.


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