Rock Princess Cartridge Project

Look who did a cartridge project!  MEEEEE!  I'm back on my game (I think) and alphabetically had to catch up by doing Rock Princess first as I got that last week.  SO here it is.  See those 3 bows on the right side right above my thumb? HATE THEM.  And the directions had me cutting out a few things I didn't need - watch the video for more details.  Turned out cute but what a pain in the cricut this was.

This is a great cartridge with awesome cuts!


  1. OMG I was actually working on this project for you last week and I got so freakin frustrated that it ended up going in the trash! LOL Glad you got it finished though!

  2. Your card came out really cute! I've never read the instructions before for any of my cartridges but after watching your video I decided to take a look and they are very confusing. I'm really glad I just eye ball them. ;) as for the extra shadows you cut i'm pretty sure the are to "Girls Rule" on the page with the skull. I've made a couple of projects with this cartridge and I'm really enjoying it but have chosen to tweak a few things mostly the bow cuts. they have you cut out all these little pieces for shading and I don't do that. I just cut out the out line and then color it in with a sharpie or use stickles. If you want you can check out the one project I've put on my blog. Tfs and have a great day. :)


  3. this card is adorable!!! you did a great job girl!


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