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Some New Carts, Some new Goodies, and Some new oranizing

Hi Krazies!

Take a look at what I got today - and a few things I did to my ever growing craft room. I suppose it's gonna be white pink and green LOL.

Let me know what you think and I'll give away a lil candy - blog candy that is :)


  1. I want the Country Life cart sooooo badly!! We live in the middle of a small farming community and there are so many things I could do with it. Love the little caddy too! TFS - again - super jealous!!! :)

  2. Girrrllll - you are an enabler!!LOL! I was SO CLOSE to going to Tuesday Morning today and NOW I see the cool thing you got at WM! My favy colors are pink and lime green - what's a girl to do? Hope your fingers are ok from the gluing incident!

  3. I already posted this on youtube but figured id post it here also hope that was ok:

    Super cute thingies you got there, I really like those! I so want to get that magazine!!! I need to go to Barnes and Nobel... I also love that paper pad! Do you get yours via subscription? if so can you point me in the right direction?

  4. Hey Sara - I've only seen that mag at Joann's and AC Moore - it's 9.99 but worth every penny. I can't find any subscription info but I think it is Paper Crafting but for the UK - does that make sense? If you find something out please let me know.

    Jen - the pink/green stuffs was in the same aisle as all the big plastic drawers, tubs, etc. Not with the school stuff, but in the back. Those tables were only 7 bucks and the fun lamp was 9.50 (just looked at the receipt)

    Celeste - come on over and play gf!

  5. Today I watched the video of your Tuesday Morning haul and had to go there right after work tonight! I could not find the cute pink & green storage things, but I did spend about $50! Should I thank you or not? LOL. Where did you get the lamp and table in the video? Oh, and I am super jealous you got the Live Simply cart - that is at the top of my want list! Can't wait to see what you make with it!

  6. wow love your wonderful HAUL.. you convience me to got to Tuesday and I sure glad I did..

    Love all your finds...

    The Scrapbooking Queen

  7. cute video girly !!! I will have to check out the mags, I'll go to Joanns so I can use a coupon LOL!!!
    good to see you got your stuff put together and personalized!
    Now that you have the crop a dile you will wish you bought the big bite, I absolutely LOVE it!!! congrats on your cart purchase I still have not bought any lites but do have some from my winnings I refuse to pay that amount! No matter what the voices say I will ignore them! I see you couldnt LOL LOL LOL love ya girl!

  8. Loved the haul video! I guess I should be thankfull we don't have a Tuesday Morning in my area, or should I? If I find one, I'll be sure to take a look see since my Big Lots/Marshall's never have any of the good stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I miss Tuesday Morning! I moved from Texas to New Mexico and guess what? The closest cool store is 75 miles away! Bummer! Thank you for all that you show the lamp...I wish you would do a tutorial on vinyl!

  10. Love Country Life - used it several times already. Never heard of Tuesday Morning. Must be a Southern store!! Nice haul!

  11. Ok...Tangee you are going to get me in trouble too. Loving all your great finds. I think we could probably be in the running for deal finding Queens. LOL!!!

  12. Christel - we should team up and do deals together and rock the paper craftin world LOL

    Connie - I'm in MD - not south - check out their website you might be surprised. Sheree - did you win a comp book from me? Someone named Sheree or Sherry or Sherri did but never replied with their information.

    Carrie - you should thank me - if you are mad, then you need to take that out on Michelle - she started it all!

  13. Watched all three of your videos today. I want to jump on plane right now and come to the States so I can get some great deals like you do. You have so many stores then we have here in canada. You guys got 24 walmart Lite cartridges, we got four. I would love to go to the Tuesday Store you were talking about. Have a great weekend, hope you reach your 400 tonight.

  14. your caddy is really cute, love your bug on that and your computer!

  15. Great finds. You have got me checking out Big Lots, Tuesday Mornings, and sometimes TJ Maxx has some good finds.

  16. What a great shopping day! I love what you did to your caddy. It looks great and I can't wait to get one.

  17. I love that pink and green carousel! I need to see if I can find one of those!
    ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

  18. Love the pink and green in your room.. and the cricut on your laptop - too cute!!

  19. Hi Girly, I really like the colors of your new organizers. I will tell you what, I am SO glad to know that I am not alone in liking, well I LOVE, the Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine. A sub to it is rather pricey at $48 but I told my hubby it would be a great ann'y gift. LOL I wish we had a magazine here in the US like that one. *sigh* what's a girl to do! hehe Thanks for sharing your video.


  20. Only four more followers to reach 400! Like Jennyplace2 said, we don't have the deals, stores or selection here in Canada. I love all your great finds and videos!!

  21. WOW - you use your stuff right away. I seem to buy and then save including organizing stuff. I really think it is an illness. Thanks for sharing!

    Jenny kozar

    p.s. off to Tuesday Morning today ... hahaha

  22. I love Tuesday Morning. I go by there once a week. I think I may have to go see if they have the organizers. I wish I had a Big Lots closer to where I live. Rumor around town is Big Lots is suppose to come back. We had one a few years ago. Love all the videos the past few days. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Love your caddy. How cute is that? Your lamp and table are adorable. Would really like that lamp too.

  24. I love those caddies, I will be going to look for some tomorrow. I love the little bug, would love to have one.

    amandaremus at gmail dot com

  25. did you get that lamp at WM? I NEED one! What a deal! I don't have a Tuesday Morning here (probably a good thing, tho) But I will definately be going to WM tomorrow!
    carriedan1 at live dot com

  26. I am redoing my scrap room right now!!! My colors are cricut green and tulip pink, how cool is that these accessories you are pointing me to are so perfect. Great minds think alike . LOL

  27. well if u didnt want the room to be pink and green too bad, cuz it is. lol the colors look gr8. i am gonna go look for that lamp. i need one for my daughter. i have a desk lamp on my desk, its an old fashion one but i looove it, but my daugter doesnt have one, so i have to go and get her one. ur caddies r fabulous. i think u should give me one of those jolly ranchers in there, cherry pls. good job on ur room. its fabulous. xoxo


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