How to Clean and Restick your mats

Here's a video to help you get longer life from your Cricut mats. I Cricut almost everyday and have had my Cricut's since they first came out about 5 years ago, I have never thrown out a mat!!! And you can learn how here...........hope you Enjoy!


Gnome Get well card

Hi Everyone! Today I wanted to share a card I made from Freshly Picked. Of course it wouldn't be complete without a Peachy Keen face stamp! I LOVE those stamps!

Enjoy!!~ michelle


Tri-fold shutter card

This is a card I made for my Aunt who underwent heart surgery the day after I gave this to her. It was my first tri-fold shutter card ever! Enjoy!!! Michelle


Create a Critter Card

Isn't Create a Critter just tooooo cute? LOVE it! Here's a panda card with one of the Asian Cuttlebug embossing folders! Enjoy!!!


Guest Designer

Madison over at Funkycards made this adorable Get Well card with the popular Create a Critter. She also used the Cuttlebug to emboss with the Swiss Dot and Divine Swirls folders.......and of course it never hurts to add a little bling!

Thank You Madison for your contribution it is sooo sweet of you !!!


Organize, Organize !!!

Isn't is it sooo much easier to craft when your space is nice, clean and organized? My husband thinks I'm weird because all my can's in the pantry face the same way and everything is labeled LOL...Love the label maker...I'm even tempted to label the label maker but only the drawer it is in is labeled so thats good enough...LOL
So I wanted to show you how I store all my punches, and show you exactly what products were used....when you "see" what you have your more likely to use it! Enjoy! Michelle


Happy Monday !!!!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!! First this isn't Tangee my name is Michelle from Scrappinwithmybug and I want to say "HI" to all of Krazy's followers !!!
As you know our girl got a big time job, so CONGRATS again to her, as she is a big shot manager now and she will be extremely busy these next two weeks, getting her new job and employees in tip top shape LOL.
So I will be taking over her blog for a few weeks. Tangee was very concerned about not being able to provide you with inspiration, so while she is learning the ropes of her new job I will be posting in her place! Of course I could NEVER replace our Krazy girl we have come to love, so please don't compare me with her LOL !!! I will try my best!
If you would like to have a project featured here please email me at michelle@scrappinwithmybug.com include a pic and description of your project along with your blog address. Of course there will be no compensation ,this will be for the love of Cricut and a little plug for your site. AND for the love of our girl.
So CONGRATULATIONS TANGEE, show them how you rock it KRICUT style!!!!


Use the images on carts you don't own!

Check out what my friend Normea discovered!

Normea is a VERY talented lady that I got the privilege of hanging out with in L.A. when we went out for our Provo Classes.  She has a beautiful 7yo and I think she does her crafting 24/7 - take a look at her blog - please join and check out all her fun stuffs!

She has figured out how to use imagines on carts she doesn't even own AND she is sharing her secret with her cricut Sisters & Brothers.  


Requesting Help

Hi guys - I need help with a few things.  Who better to ask then my Krazies?

First:  I got an email from someone the other day asking for Cricut Vinyl folks to help out in Durham North Carolina.

I have no idea if you can help me or not. I am not a "cricuteer" but am in need on one. I need a cricut vinyl expert in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area to help with a booth @ ashopping bazaar Nov.4/7, 2010. Do you know how one would find such a person?
I have contacted Michaels & AC Moore craft stores but they were not able to assist me, I would be so grateful! Your blog is darlin' & love your dialog. Makes me wish I was a Cricuteer!
THX so much!

Proudly supporting the
Autism Society of NC.Paige Ward, Host
919 943 6368

If you can help out with this awesome group please contact Paige at paigeward@frillseekersbazaar.com

2. Does anyone know how to make their own embossing folders? If so please contact me.

3.  Have any of you tried creating your own stamps with the Cricut Stamp kit?  I'd love to know how that worked out for you.

Thanks - 

Hugs & Chirps

Don't forget to check the posts below this one - 3 were uploaded today :)


Cricut Circle Sister Fun!

Over at the Cricut Circle a few of us joined a group where we are matched with other Sisters and share goodies. Each month we are to send our sister at least 15.00 worth of new goodies.  I am amazed at the things I have in common with my Sister! 

Oh yeah, you get a peek at my messy craft room too EEK!

FINALLY! Spongebob Binder Project!

How cute is this?  I had fun putting this project together and wish I had a Spongebob fan to give it too.  That's why it's blog candy YAAAY!

Ya gotta watch the video to get the candy directions.

Hugs & Chirps

Yay!! Check this out!

I get an email the other day from someone asking me about the military and Key West (from my post on 9/11) turns out it's my former neighbor and friend Tammy!!!!  Her daughter played with my girls!  She wasn't sure if it was me because my name was Taylor back then. 

So we traded a few emails and tonite she called. We just spent HOURS on the phone catching up and we have SO much more to catch up on.  I'm SO happy we reconnected!  She is as addicted to the cricut as I am :)

She has a great little blog that she's trying to build up followers with. Look at her posts and projects - too cute!  

Please stop by and show her some love!  She's got lots of goodies for giveaways as soon as she builds up a following.

I have tried ALL day to upload 2 video's but am having trouble with you tube. I'll work it out tomorrow.  Also, please go over to Crazy About Cricut for a cool blog hop!  There are several going on today - I know the Scrapbooking Queen is having one as well.

Hugs all around!



Hey Krazies - sorry I haven't posted in a few days but it's been a busy week. Tomorrow I hope to post a video of my latest project (Spongebob) and a video showing you what my Circle Sister sent me.  Please come back and check it out as there is hidden blog candy in the project video.

Also - Blog hop on Saturday (that I completely forgot about EEK!) so be sure to stay tuned for that as I have a cartridge to give away :)

To those of you that don't know - I'm returning to my career in the Hotel Industry and start on Monday so I've spent this week tying up loose ends, running errands, appointments, etc.  Ok and a little bit being lazy on the couch too.  Ok a little more than 'little'  Wish me luck :)

Thanks for hanging in there with me!


Can't find my cartridge winner :(

I'm hoping the cartridge winner answers soon!  I emailed her and put it on this site.  I'll give it one week and if I don't hear from her I'll pull another winner.

Hope you all are having a beautiful weekend!



Never Forget

We were stationed in Key West and I was getting ready for work and wondering what to do for hubbys birthday which was the next day.  All of a sudden our world as we knew it was changing before our eyes. I was at work for only 15 minutes or so when I told the boss I HAD to go get my girls. We lived on a military base and I had to decide which child to get first. The one ON base or OFF.  I went to the middle school in town and picked up my oldest child, then picked up her sister on base and within 15 minutes the entire base was on lock
down - no one in, no one out. Many of us didn't see our husbands for a week after that.

What were you doing that fateful day?  I'd love to hear your stories and please.... Never forget.  I will be forever grateful to all of those that lost their lives that day.  Especially to our Police and Fire departments that ran in the towers when everyone was running out.

We have a WINNER!

The contest for a Cartridge donated by Paper Crafting Pro has closed and we have a winner.  Please get in touch with me and let me know if you would like Cindy Loo or Summer Vacation.

Congratulations goes to:  

Stamp with Sandy said...
That's the BEST idea EVER!!!!!! I will be headed to the post office in the morning to pick up some of those boxes. I love the idea! Thanks for sharing that wonderful idea! Sandy


You are going to LOVE this video. TRUST ME!

How do you store your 12x12 paper?  Do you like those Vertical folders from Cropper Hopper?  See that? 5.88.  I love them, but I needed 15 of them.  I have 5.  Well after putting my thinking cap on I came up with a way to do this for FREE.  and it takes 3 sheets of paper to decorate.  So watch the video then leave me a comment letting me know what you think.

At the end of the video is a contest for some blog candy - who wants a free cartridge?  I don't know what the cartridge is yet because my sponsor didn't tell me what they were sending - so we'll all be surprised YAAAY.

I love comments so please leave me some feedback!

Mom's Birthday Cards!

Several of you sent Mom some birthday cards and she was SO excited. She wouldn't let me film her with the cards, but I did show you each card below.  Enjoy and thank you guys so very much!

Celebrations Cartridge Challenge

Ok folks - here is the project from the Celebrations binder - finally something that beats out Sentimentals for the worlds ugliest card.  you have been warned.

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom Binder Project LOVE this!

Christmas Cheer

Here is the binder project for Christmas Cheer - show me some love Krazies!

Beyond Birthdays Binder project

Here you go - the Beyond Birthdays Cartridge Challenge. This is a cute birthday card.  Let me know what you think :)

SEVEN video's coming your way! Who wants a cartridge?

You tube is being super fussy today - I have the video's waiting to upload and went on errands, came back and it says I still have 51% LEFT of the FIRST video.

The very last video with my directions for making your own 12x12 vertical paper holder has a contest at the end - be sure to watch the entire thing and comment :)

Oh good grief! Cartridges EVERYWHERE!

Took mom to the dentist today and when we got home there were FIVE new carts waiting for me - YIPPIEE!  Did  not pay more than 15 for any of them on ebay last week.  I got 3% back with ebates - I told you about them last week - OMG I LOVE a deal don't you?

Stamping Solutions
Summer in Paris
Dinosaur Tracks
Still waiting on Story Book & Once upon a princess

I'm also waiting for the following orders:

Oriental Trading::  Fun junk I didn't need & Kricut Krazy pencils WOOT!
Oh My Crafts - Super cheap (as mentioned below) embossing folders
Pro Craft - sponsorship package
Creative Xpressions - You Story and a coupla carts

Sad that I'm like a kid in a candy store stalking delivery people (Fed Ex, UPS, US Mail - I am not partial, I stalk them all!)

Also Mom got several cards - how exciting!  I'll post those later but special thanks to:

Cheryl Pavlacka
Karle Blahut
Heidi Schneider
H. Yeoman
Rocio Ulloa' (my circle sister!)

Thanks so much everyone! I'm SO excited!

All at once? Or one at a time? Who wants a deal?

I did FOUR projects yesterday - yes FOUR.  Would you like to see them in one post, or separate posts?

I have 3 more carts to do before moving onto fonts but the problem is they are all Picture frames that involve painting and such.  Blah! 

Good news tho, I have a LOT of cartridges coming in the mail this week.  7 that I got off ebay, 6 that I got from Creative Xpress (for 15 each!) prize cartridges from Paper Crafting Pro and a few other cartridges. SO excited.

Do you have the You Story?  Do you want the You Story?  www.creativexpress.com has tons of cartridges for 15 each and the You Story bundle for 29.99  you read that right Twenty Nine dollars and Ninety Nine cents! WOOT!   Also did you know that www.ohmycrafts.com has lots and lots of cuddlebug folders for 47 cents to 1.97?  I scored quite a few so I'm hoping to see them this week too.

I have not forgotten that I promised you a new way to store 12x12 paper for FREE and I'll post that info this week.

Finally - lets hear it from some of the Candy Winners - I'd love to hear your reaction to your prizes!


Just got new Carts and I gotta Secret!

Creating Keepsakes  Reminisce Accents and Cheerful Seasons!  The best part? I got a deal on them from Paula one of my Cricut Buddies!  Please go visit her:  Scrap Happy Gal  tell her I sent you and she'll cut you a deal too!

Who likes a secret?  Who likes FREE? 

Kinda taking a break right now but will be back in a day or two with an ultra secret, super duper cool FREE way to store your 12x12 paper - you are going to LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!  I promise!  Keep watching for a new contest with a cartridge giveaway!  Also a blog hop coming up that will be LOADS of fun - Holidays with a Twist it's called.

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday weekend!

Hugs & Chirps!


New Arrival, Nursery Rhymes and Country Life Binder Projects

Hi gang - no pictures right now but here is a video for your enjoyment.
I'm having an issue with my ATG gun - if anyone can tell me how to fix it please let me know - I show it to you at the end of the video.

Hugs and Chirps!

Sarah at Pink Cricut is a GENIUS!

You have to run and see what she's up to - big sale this weekend AND she's guesting on OMC chat AND then there is this lil beauty!  Sarah is my hero!   Pink Cricut

Kricut Krazy has a new sponsor!

I am SO excited!  We have a new Sponsor ! 

Have you heard of:

They have a club - it's 9.95 a month and you get all your cricut  cartridges, tools, supplies, etc at VERY cheap prices!  Can't justify/afford 9.95?  Go in with a friend!  They ship super fast and have excellent customer service.  When you join, they give you 2 days FREE to shop around - you can even place an order at membership prices and cancel 2 days later if you don't like it. It's well worth it so please check it out!

I'm not sure what they've donated but they shipped it today and as soon as I know, you will too :)

Just finished 2 projects  Nursery Rhymes and New Arrival but have to video tape them. Also didn't get to post office as planned due to situation with mom, but will go tomorrow.  Then I have Country Life, Christmas Cheer, Celebrations, Beyond Birthdays, Animal Kingdom and A Child's Year before starting on Font Projects.

Please be sure to check out Paper Crafting Pro!

Backpack and T-shirt’s

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