Happy Monday !!!!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!! First this isn't Tangee my name is Michelle from Scrappinwithmybug and I want to say "HI" to all of Krazy's followers !!!
As you know our girl got a big time job, so CONGRATS again to her, as she is a big shot manager now and she will be extremely busy these next two weeks, getting her new job and employees in tip top shape LOL.
So I will be taking over her blog for a few weeks. Tangee was very concerned about not being able to provide you with inspiration, so while she is learning the ropes of her new job I will be posting in her place! Of course I could NEVER replace our Krazy girl we have come to love, so please don't compare me with her LOL !!! I will try my best!
If you would like to have a project featured here please email me at michelle@scrappinwithmybug.com include a pic and description of your project along with your blog address. Of course there will be no compensation ,this will be for the love of Cricut and a little plug for your site. AND for the love of our girl.
So CONGRATULATIONS TANGEE, show them how you rock it KRICUT style!!!!


  1. Hey Michelle!! You're both going to have your hands full-you with two blogs to update and Tangee with a new job. Have fun both of you!

  2. How sweet of you to help Tangee out. Good luck to Tangee on her new job adventure.

  3. how awesome of you to help out. Good luck to both of you! LOL!

  4. this is too funny, your taking her blog for a few weeks, are you sure Tangee isn't just telling you this why she is out shopping @ Tuesday Morning or Joann's, maybe Michael's ok have fun, I'm sure you will do a great job, even if she is out shopping without us.. Debbie :)

  5. Congrats on the new job Tangee and nice going Michelle helping out while she is in need:)
    ~Madison www.funkycards.blogspot.com

  6. You will totally be up to the challenge Michelle! I would love to help out. I'll start working on a project :) And congrats on the new job Tangee! You go girl and make that money to buy more craft stuff.......I mean stuff you could use :P

  7. welcome michelle. i am on here often so cant wait to see what you have. cake35@comcast.net xoxo P.S. Give Tangee a swift kick for good luck of course.


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