Can't find my cartridge winner :(

I'm hoping the cartridge winner answers soon!  I emailed her and put it on this site.  I'll give it one week and if I don't hear from her I'll pull another winner.

Hope you all are having a beautiful weekend!



  1. Well if she never gets back to you I'm more than willing to take her place. :-)
    Have a great day!!!

  2. Tangee, I just put a post on her blog letting her know she won and hopefully she'll check in soon!!!!


  3. How sad for the winner...hope she answers you!!

  4. I"m so excited to have won! I'm so sorry it took me this long. I was away from my computer this weekend, visiting with my out-of-town sister. Thank you Melissa for posting a comment on my blog! Thank you Tangee for drawing my name. I sent you an email with all my info. I hope you received it.

    Thanks again for this GREAT prize! What a way to end this great weekend!



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