Never Forget

We were stationed in Key West and I was getting ready for work and wondering what to do for hubbys birthday which was the next day.  All of a sudden our world as we knew it was changing before our eyes. I was at work for only 15 minutes or so when I told the boss I HAD to go get my girls. We lived on a military base and I had to decide which child to get first. The one ON base or OFF.  I went to the middle school in town and picked up my oldest child, then picked up her sister on base and within 15 minutes the entire base was on lock
down - no one in, no one out. Many of us didn't see our husbands for a week after that.

What were you doing that fateful day?  I'd love to hear your stories and please.... Never forget.  I will be forever grateful to all of those that lost their lives that day.  Especially to our Police and Fire departments that ran in the towers when everyone was running out.


  1. Tangee, thank you for sharing your story and for your husband's service. I just finished posting my story on that fateful day. I would love for you to stop by my blog and read it.


  2. THANK YOU to you and your family for your service and fighting to keep us free. I was on my way to work that day when I heard it on the radio. I remember just listening to the radio all day long that day and watching the news that night when I got home. I just couldn't get enough info and couldn't believe what had happened.

  3. I was the Receptionist at a Country Club in Miami and a Member called me and said OMG Paula someone just bombed the World Trade Center. I was like What? Again? remembering 1993. She was like run into the bar and turn on the tv. So I did. When I turn the TV on it was just as the second plane was about to hit... I couldnt believe what I was seeing... Is this for real? I still get goose bumps when i think about it. I spent alot of my Childhood inside the Towers since my dad worked there so he used to take me there on the weekends. I was still watching in horror as the buildings came tumbling down. They sent us home shortly after that. I will never forget that day or the one whos lost there lives.

  4. That day I was extremely sick. I was going to go to sleep but instead I decided to turn on the TV (not something I normally do); amazingly I even decided to turn on the news (again-not something I normally do). I tuned in after the second plane hit and right before the first tower fell. I still remember the shock of it. I've never been to NY, but was amazed and shocked to see and hear everything that happened. I will never forget that day!

  5. I was home that morning, watching the Today show when they broke in with the report of the first tower having been hit. I was watching the live coverage when the second plane flew into the second tower. My heart stopped, because then it was certain what we were witnessing. I called my neighbor to tell her, then had my daughters (10 and 11) come in to watch. I was so grateful they were home for Dr's appts. We watched everything together, and even at their ages then, they knew the world had changed. It was shortly after that I became a 911 operator for Tampa Fire Rescue. A few yrs later we went to New York, and at the museum in Albany they have a very moving memorial and exhibit. On the section of the fence they have from Ground Zero was a Tampa Fire t-shirt..I cried so hard. God Bless all of the souls lost that day, and their families, and the soldiers still fighting for us.

  6. Hi Tangee, great blog. We were stationed in Key West for 5 years during the 70's (Vietnam) and we never had a lock down, fortunately. When 911 happened, I was getting ready for work and when I started to turn off the tv I saw the report of the first tower being hit. By the time I got to work the second tower had been hit. I think in this country that we have no idea what it is really like in war torn countries so far away. That is what I took away from that day the most - how fortunate we are not to deal with that kind of thing EVERYDAY. We prayed a lot that day, for the safety of all the survivors, the workers and the families of those that did not survive. As a military wife I am sure in the back of your mind there is always the possibility that your spouse can be injured or not return home whole when deployed, that is an expectation that cannot be overlooked. But we just never expect lives to be lost in our own country, that was a great blow. Thank you for being a part of the ones who try to keep those things from happening here by leaving their families for long stretches. I know how hard it is (8 months and 10 months cruises took my hubby away the first 3 years of our marriage)so not only do I thank your husband, but I thank you very much also.


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