New Arrival, Nursery Rhymes and Country Life Binder Projects

Hi gang - no pictures right now but here is a video for your enjoyment.
I'm having an issue with my ATG gun - if anyone can tell me how to fix it please let me know - I show it to you at the end of the video.

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. Oh Darn! I uploaded the WRONG video and deleted the RIGHT video - sigh...

  2. Hello Tangee, your projects are super cute. I have seen that before where they make the front of the card smaller than the back...it is just suppose to give it some sort of effect. I have also seen that done with the side folding cards. The giraffe tag is super cute too, I would totally use that:) I can't believe that you just posted this problem with your ATG, me and my husband just spent 45 min messing with mine because it did the same thing. I don't have a reason...all I can tell you is to start from scratch. Take the tape out (good and old)...tear the good tape away from the old tape, so you just have one roll. Now just re-load it the same exact way you would if you had a brand new roll of tape. I hope I did not confuse you...that is what I had to do to solve the problem and the gun is working fine now. Sorry this is a book but I hope it helps you:)


  3. I've done the step cards before Steph but this time it just didn't make sense for this particular project. I dunno... Thanks for the tip on the gun, that's what I had to do the last time this happened, I just want to prevent it from happening again ya know? Oh and I'd love to take you up on those stamping directions :)

  4. Assuming its loaded correctly, the engineer in me says it's defective and the take up reel is being allowed to spin faster than the supply reel. On the red gun the take up reel easily spins independently by hand and you can reposition it during loading so the tape insert spot is where you need it. Only the supply reel is locked by the trigger on the red gun. I believe this is the magic of how they keep the linear speed of the two reels in sync as the diameters change - the take up wheel is geared to go faster but is free to slip after a certain amount of force is applied. Looks like the pink ones don't slip right.

    24+ rolls through the red gun and I've never seen the reels get out of sync like that.

  5. Hi Tangee. I have to echo Stephanie about reloading it. My roll got off the first time like that and that's what I did. Also, make sure you don't have a build up of adhesive somewhere on the top of the case (the clear part) or on the reel in an odd place. That happened to me and it sent my gun into a out of control spin. I was about to throw it across the room. When I found it, I just took it off with my hand and it has worked every since. Hope this helps.

  6. Tangee, great video. I just got Nursery Rhyme and Beyond Birthday and I can't wait to see your projects.


  7. I like the google eyes on the giraffe. Love the flower/pot in the frame. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  8. If your atg is not defective you may want to see if the black piece that fits over the roll is on right?
    I went to a crop and someone took mine out of my atg gun, and while I was ordering a replacement it that same thing, so before saying its defective make sure its on securely.
    ok thats my guess and my tip never leave your stuff unattended around people!!!
    hope your headache is better!


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