All at once? Or one at a time? Who wants a deal?

I did FOUR projects yesterday - yes FOUR.  Would you like to see them in one post, or separate posts?

I have 3 more carts to do before moving onto fonts but the problem is they are all Picture frames that involve painting and such.  Blah! 

Good news tho, I have a LOT of cartridges coming in the mail this week.  7 that I got off ebay, 6 that I got from Creative Xpress (for 15 each!) prize cartridges from Paper Crafting Pro and a few other cartridges. SO excited.

Do you have the You Story?  Do you want the You Story?  www.creativexpress.com has tons of cartridges for 15 each and the You Story bundle for 29.99  you read that right Twenty Nine dollars and Ninety Nine cents! WOOT!   Also did you know that www.ohmycrafts.com has lots and lots of cuddlebug folders for 47 cents to 1.97?  I scored quite a few so I'm hoping to see them this week too.

I have not forgotten that I promised you a new way to store 12x12 paper for FREE and I'll post that info this week.

Finally - lets hear it from some of the Candy Winners - I'd love to hear your reaction to your prizes!


  1. wow, those are some great deals!! Thanks for letting us know about them. Have a great day! :)

  2. Stop it!! I am on a spending ban and my fingers are itching to check out those sites! LOL

    I think you should post the projects separately, if they are different themes. That way you can reference them more easily later on-or your readers if they want to find a specific one.

    Can't wait to see them! I need some inspiration.

  3. What amazing deals, I'll have to talk my husband into letting me get a few things. :) I think you should post the projects on different posts. TFS!! :)

  4. Oh. I can't wait. I'll be able to check the mail when I go back to Charlotte this weekend. Just moved Monday. I will even try to make a video. Yeah! I'm excited.


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