Requesting Help

Hi guys - I need help with a few things.  Who better to ask then my Krazies?

First:  I got an email from someone the other day asking for Cricut Vinyl folks to help out in Durham North Carolina.

I have no idea if you can help me or not. I am not a "cricuteer" but am in need on one. I need a cricut vinyl expert in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area to help with a booth @ ashopping bazaar Nov.4/7, 2010. Do you know how one would find such a person?
I have contacted Michaels & AC Moore craft stores but they were not able to assist me, I would be so grateful! Your blog is darlin' & love your dialog. Makes me wish I was a Cricuteer!
THX so much!

Proudly supporting the
Autism Society of NC.Paige Ward, Host
919 943 6368

If you can help out with this awesome group please contact Paige at paigeward@frillseekersbazaar.com

2. Does anyone know how to make their own embossing folders? If so please contact me.

3.  Have any of you tried creating your own stamps with the Cricut Stamp kit?  I'd love to know how that worked out for you.

Thanks - 

Hugs & Chirps

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  1. I've made my own embossing folders before! Not with the embossing kit from PC, but with some craft sheet magnets!

  2. I am in NC, but can't help out. However, I will let some of the NC Cricuteers know about Paige's needs and see if someone can help. There are some great videos about making your own embossing folders with all types of material on Youtube. I am planning on making some of my own for my Christmas cards this year...can't wait! I have the Cricut materials to make my own embossing folders and stamps, but am too chicken I will mess them up LOL!


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