Yay!! Check this out!

I get an email the other day from someone asking me about the military and Key West (from my post on 9/11) turns out it's my former neighbor and friend Tammy!!!!  Her daughter played with my girls!  She wasn't sure if it was me because my name was Taylor back then. 

So we traded a few emails and tonite she called. We just spent HOURS on the phone catching up and we have SO much more to catch up on.  I'm SO happy we reconnected!  She is as addicted to the cricut as I am :)

She has a great little blog that she's trying to build up followers with. Look at her posts and projects - too cute!  

Please stop by and show her some love!  She's got lots of goodies for giveaways as soon as she builds up a following.

I have tried ALL day to upload 2 video's but am having trouble with you tube. I'll work it out tomorrow.  Also, please go over to Crazy About Cricut for a cool blog hop!  There are several going on today - I know the Scrapbooking Queen is having one as well.

Hugs all around!

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  1. What a small world! You must be so excited, I know I would be. I will go check out Tammy Blog and let her know you sent me. Have a great weekend my friend!


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