Beyond Birthdays Binder project

Here you go - the Beyond Birthdays Cartridge Challenge. This is a cute birthday card.  Let me know what you think :)


  1. your card is cute! I seem to always forget about that cart!

  2. I actually like yours better with the larger "Happy Birthday"!

  3. Cute card! I like your version more than the one in the book! :-)

  4. I like your card a lot better! TFS! :)

  5. Dagnabbit! I left a comment (well, actually an essay) but it didn't take, for whatever reason.

    See if I can remember what I said. That's going to be a stretch for me, tho. lol Here goes:-

    You had me GMBO when you said:- "they wanted me to use the BB paper, which I did not have. Soooo, SO MUCH FOR THAT!" Toooooo cute/funny!!

    I know I said something else but it escapes me at the moment. No surprise there! LOL


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