We have winners!  Sorry I was SO late posting this but the truth is I could not figure out how to get a winner. I finally decided to just put everyone's name on a slip of paper and each time you posted was a different slip of paper so if you posted all 7 days like you were supposed to, you got 7 entires - then I had my mom pull the winner out of a hat.....ok a bowl.  She wouldn't let me photograph her - she's silly that way.  However....

The winner of the "Who am I impersonating" (correctly guessed Madea) video clip is...............


This is her prize:

Yep - she gets the card I made that was in the video. Yay!  First time I gave away one of my creations LOL. Hope you like it PinkE!  Please email me with your mailing address so I can get this off to you.

And the winner of the Week Posting is:

CREATIVE M said...
Thanks Tangee for showing whats on our carts.Love the invite!TFS

And her prize is:

This is a fun gift bag that all the attendee's of the 2012 Circle Crop got.  Lots of goodies inside, there is candy (of course!) notepad on a coaster (trending now) cuttlebug foler, ink and Walnut spray, stamps from Jaded Blossom a candle and backup candle and a bag of glass beans to put magnets on the back of.

I need to get these bags mailed to Joy from Joyslife and Michelle & Candace from Jaded blossom who donated fun stuff for the crop.

Congrats winners!  Joy, Michelle Candace - I will get your bags mailed out.......unless you wanna come pick them up? :)

I've got more of these for prizes in the future so stay tuned!

Hugs and Chirps!


Two! TWO! Two posts in one!

Hey Krazies -

So I woke up yesterday with tons to do. A baby shower to attend, a gf coming over early evening and another crafty friend coming over to play after dinner.  Instead, I woke up feeling AWFUL - congestion, lil fever, etc.  So I had to cancel the first two events (I'm not getting a pregnant person sick!) and around 8:30 Christie came over (my crafting twin)  and boy did I have a surprise for her!

Hubby hates when I'm sick - he's a very sympathetic nurturing caring guy - I'm so lucky!  I was whining about having to put up another table for Chris to play on and wishing I had one of those fun door/shelf tables so many gals are making - next thing you know - hubbalicious went to the Depot and made my wishful thinking come true!  You saw the post yesterday I won't bore you with more details. I'll bore you with other shiz.

ok so Chris and I had a great time until 2am playing around.  I got the Melamine tape for around the table so you don't have that rough crap - she spent the first hour ironing that on while I bossed her around.  Then she played with the new Pazzles and I was working on projects for this week's posting.

Today you get TWO posts in one cause the project I did for tomorrow is so craptastic that I decided to not even waste video on it and just snap a pic - here ya go!

A garden of Words - This is a Classroom Cartridge so it does not have a project in the binder.  I went to the very first page and did all the cuts on that page.  They were so crapful I didn't want to waste a piece of 12x12 to glue them on. I'm not sure why I bought this cartridge.  Maybe it would work out for a early education teacher, but not a good addition to a scrappers/crafters collection that's for sure.  What cha think?

This next project was fun!  I was going to make the Karen's on our bowling team a cup for their adult beverages they bring every week (on left) they turned out so darn cute I made another set for a friend and her husband (on left)  These were svg's and I used Make the Cut to cut the vinyl.  Filled the cups with candy and waahlaaa - instant cute gift.  I do kinda wish I  had done a shadow layer for the names but ahh they are cute none the less.

There you have it! Your 2, 2, 2 posts in one!

See ya tomorrow with the project from All Sports - LOVE this cartridge!

Hugs and Chirps!


ok........... NOW the craft room is done.... I promise!

WOOT! Look what hubby did for me today!!!!!

I said that one day I wanted that big ole desk some gals are making with 2 book cases and 2 doors.  This Melamine 8'x4' piece is at Home Depot by the plywood for 36 bucks.  We had it cut so it's 6' and I have a 2x4 piece for later to use for a shelf or something. Anyway - 8 of my cubes (4 on each side) and waaahlaaa huge ole table!  I have a variety of crafty friends that come over occasionally to play and now they have their own space across from me!!

Oh and look - there's my new Pazzles that I'm afraid to touch  EEK!.  So now, I think my room is finally done. I really like it, I really really do!  I have walkways on each side of the table, there is storage underneath (I rolled my stamp cart under there on one side) and the cats think it's a tunnel under there. I can move my machines around or use them where they are. I'm so excited I can't stand it! I just wish I felt better so I could play in there.  Perhaps tomorrow.

I'll have new cartridge projects for you soon, tomorrow I'll post photos of cups I did as well as a stamp project (non cricut) and then Monday the projects will start again.

Winner will be announced with tomorrow's post.

Hugs and Chirps!


Kricut Kraft Room Redo!

It's finally done!  Well, not finally cause y'all know I'm gonna change it again in the next month or two :(

Here are some pictures for ya....

Didn't I promise a video too? Of course I did.....



Hugs and talk to ya soon!


just checkin in

Check out my craft room - YIPES!

Isn't it insane? YOWZA!  I'm actually doing all the lil stuff right now - all the moving and arranging was done on Saturday (and trust me, I thought I was gonna die)  I didn't touch it yesterday because I was still reelin in pain but today I dove in there to get that desk area done.  I'm finding myself with extra stuff I'm hoping my local crafty girls can take off my hands.  Those rollers for the bottom of the jetmax - I bought and put together 6 - I only needed 3.  Ribbon holder (lazy susan thing with 3 spindles) Yudu - anyone wanna buy a yudo that can come get it? Cause shipping would be a gamillion dollars!

Whatcha think my krazies?

Oh and I'll also be doing the drawing for the Cricut Circle Crop gift bag with all kindsa goodies in it.  Most likely tomorrow or Wednesday.

Hugs and Chirps!


Sunday blues...

Hi Krazies -

So, yesterday I was in my craft room for about 8 hours. I'm trying to make it more functional, moving stuff around, reorganizing, etc.  Somehow I have jacked up my back pretty good - I took 2 pain pills (heavy doses) and a flexiril and it barely knocked out the pain.  It did however knock me out until 1pm today YIPES!

an hour ago I took 2 more pain pills (vicodin 750's for those familiar) and again, barely touching the pain. So it looks like I probably have a doctors visit in my very near future.

Did I listen when my husband and adult children asked if I needed help? of course not!

So I told you all that to tell you there is no post today :(  Unless some miracle occurs anyway.  I'm waiting for the pain to subside enough so I can go in there and sit on the floor and sort thru paper and such.

Wish me luck and Happy Sunday everyone!  I appreciate you all!

Hugs and Chirps!


Before video & Haul from Michaels and the mail today :)

Hey Krazies -

So I have 2 videos for you.  I'm a smidge behind in projects - mainly cause I thought I had 5 recorded and ready to upload but uhm..... I didn't.

So, the first video is a before of my craft area.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am very impatient with my work area - I have changed it many times and it is constantly evolving. The cat tree holds me back and I can't move it cause the cats will climb on my stuff to get to the window and who wants cat hair on their stuff?

I am expecting a Pazzles next week and need a space for it which means rearranging again - I'm trying to come up with something good that will work for me but I'm clueless-  we'll see what the day brings.

The 2nd video is a Haul video.  I went to a store called DJ Liquidators - from what I can tell they have several stores in Maryland.  I meandered through the aisles and what to my wondrous eyes appear?  THREE aisles of scrapbook stuff!  Ok, not so much STUFF as Paper paper paper paper and albums out the waahzoo.  The funny thing is I just returned from Michaels and their 7 for a buck sale.  I spent just 32 bucks at this DJ's place and watch the video to see the haul I brought home!

See you tomorrow!

oh - tomorrow is the end of the contest so be sure you left a comment on every post from this week or you won't qualify. I think you will be quite happy with the blog candy :)

Hugs and Chirps!


Coloring Techniques

Hey Krazies -

I know a lot of you are stampers and oh how I envy you.  I'm  really wanting to learn different techniques but haven't been able to find a class in my area.  Hugs and Chirps!  I have pro markers and color pencils as well as watercolor crayons and these are the results I'm getting - take a peek and let me know what you think. Sure would appreciate it :)

Hugs and stuffs!


Alphalicious Binder Project

Hey Krazies!

How cute is this little matchbox invite?  Super easy to make and you can do lots with it.  This is another Font cartridge from Cricut and the project located in the binder.  I've said it before adn I'll say it again - if you are new to Cricut, do the projects found in your cartridge binders. You learn a lot of techniques and build a basic foundation for future projects.

I realize I have another post about Alphalicious that was done by a Guest Designer last year.  I did it again so I can say that I used every single cartridge I have when my hubby gives me grief in a year or two.  Come on, you know he will!

Don't forget you have to comment on ALL posts this week to qualify for the blog candy.  Here's the video.  Tomorrow will be a fun video showing different coloring techniques an just how very bad I am at them. You will learn WHY my hands are always ink stained.:)

Hugs and Chirps!


All mixed up Cartridge Binder Project

Hey Krazies,

How is everyone liking the posts all this week? Feels great from my end!  I was going to pre-post everything and schedule it for the entire week but the problem is that those of you following me on youtube get a sneak peek.  As you know I sometimes squeeze in a hidden challenge for blog candy so we can't have that now can we?

All Mixed Up Cricut Font Cartridge  This was a super cute project and a nice cartridge to explore.  I never thought of doing a card this way and I really should have paid attention in math because measuring skills would have come in nicely for lining up the different pattern papers.  Ah well, live and learn.

Don't forget - you must comment on all posts this week to qualify for the blog candy.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Hugs and Chirps!


Adhesive Hell

Hey Krazies -

So I'm taking a wee break from posting a project - no worries, there will be one for you tomorrow :)  I wanted to discuss Adhesive.

I use all the adhesive you see in the video below, but forgot to add pop dots, foam dots and spray adhesives.

I'm having major issues with my atg gun and would like to see if anyone can tell if I'm doing something wrong. I also sample all kinds of glues and tapes in the video and talk about them with you. Would love your to hear what you are using and what you think of my choices.

Lets just call it a lil technical break.  I'm going to have another technical break on Thursday when we discuss inking techniques and coloring of stamps.

Be warned, these are not instructional videos - these are 'Tangee needs help, that girl is crazy" videos.  :)

Enjoy the video, laugh at me showing you adhesives too close to the camera, or just out of the camera's range cause I didn't know what the hell I was doing.  I'm learning I'm learning!

See you tomorrow lovebugs!

Hugs and Chirps!


3 Birds on Parade Binder Project

Hello everyone!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's project - I did a video for it and will be uploading that shortly so be sure to check back on the 50 States Post so you can see the video if you like that kinda thing.

This is the 3 birds on Parade Project.  Oh how cute is this cartridge?  Those lil birds are SO cute! I hope you like them as much as I do!

I tried the camera on a tripod and a different angle. Sure would love your feedback on that.  Also, do you prefer photo's AND Video, or just one or the other?

Looking forward to your comments. Please remember, you must comment on every post from Today through next Sunday to qualify for the blog candy - additionally you probably should be following me :)

Hugs and Chirps!


50 States Binder Project

Well heck - I'm not sure how that happened but I did a post on the 50 states binder project, saved it, then scheduled it for upload for 3am and this morning I discovered it hasn't posted. So I went in on my ipad and changed it from scheduled to auto, then clicked 'post' and everything went away.  :(

Ok so - starting over.  The 50 States Binder did not have a project - I don't think any of the classmates cartridges do.  So I just chose to put all the cuts for my state on a 12x12 sheet so you could see what they looked like. I'm a little disappointed that the capital and the state names did not have a shadow feature but I love the flag!

I thought the birds were a little funky and the flower had too many layers but that's just me. Also the state shape was done at 4"  look how tiny that thang is.  The one under Annapolis actually has a tiny star cut out of it to show you were the capital is.  I just arranged them on a 12 by 12 so you could see how the cuts look. 

Don't forget there will be a post every day this week and you must leave a comment on each of them to qualify for the blog candy.

Have a beautiful day!


This week on Kricut Krazy

Hey Krazies!

I'm starting over!  From A - Z.  Some cartridge binders have photo frames and I'm going to fake those cause I really don't want a bunch of frames laying around that I will never use.  I'll skip the ones I've done already and make up stuff for the carts that have no project in the binder.  With that said, be prepared for a project every day this week!  WOOT!

Be sure to check back everyday and leave a comment on every post starting with this one. There will be blog candy.  What is it you ask?  I'm not telling.  So lets see who really wants some kools stuff in their mailbox.

Hugs and Chirps!

I had 2 great photos to upload but my blogger app won't publish on the iphone - keep getting a 400 error whatever that means.

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