We have winners!  Sorry I was SO late posting this but the truth is I could not figure out how to get a winner. I finally decided to just put everyone's name on a slip of paper and each time you posted was a different slip of paper so if you posted all 7 days like you were supposed to, you got 7 entires - then I had my mom pull the winner out of a hat.....ok a bowl.  She wouldn't let me photograph her - she's silly that way.  However....

The winner of the "Who am I impersonating" (correctly guessed Madea) video clip is...............


This is her prize:

Yep - she gets the card I made that was in the video. Yay!  First time I gave away one of my creations LOL. Hope you like it PinkE!  Please email me with your mailing address so I can get this off to you.

And the winner of the Week Posting is:

CREATIVE M said...
Thanks Tangee for showing whats on our carts.Love the invite!TFS

And her prize is:

This is a fun gift bag that all the attendee's of the 2012 Circle Crop got.  Lots of goodies inside, there is candy (of course!) notepad on a coaster (trending now) cuttlebug foler, ink and Walnut spray, stamps from Jaded Blossom a candle and backup candle and a bag of glass beans to put magnets on the back of.

I need to get these bags mailed to Joy from Joyslife and Michelle & Candace from Jaded blossom who donated fun stuff for the crop.

Congrats winners!  Joy, Michelle Candace - I will get your bags mailed out.......unless you wanna come pick them up? :)

I've got more of these for prizes in the future so stay tuned!

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. OMG!Tangee!You made my day!Love to see videos of your craftroom because I could just play all day!I don't think I would sleep!and thats just looking at all paperstock....which I love!Thanks again for the Blog candy...Oh!I will stay tuned!:)

  2. chickie chickie chickie....... ♥ thanks for the shout out ♥

  3. Congratulans, Ladies! You both are getting great prizes!!

    Thanks, Tangee for a great week!! It was so fun!

  4. I love this card!
    Great job, Tangee!


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