All Sports Binder Project

Hey Krazies!

My scrappin pal Christie came over to hang out and break in the new desk.  I was supposed to do 2 binder projects but I gotta tell ya, not a fan of Accent Essentials.  But I guess I'll eek out something with it tomorrow.  Boooo...  Then we're on to the "B" section of my cartridges - woot!

This Cheer project is cute and would look great with the team colors of your favorite cheer leader. I could even see this on a t-shirt or hung up in a teen's bedroom.

Please do not follow the directions in the binder because whoever wrote it got their 'shift' and layering mixed up.  All in all tho, fun project!

See ya next time :)

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. Love the table!!!! Great project!

  2. Hi Christie!where did you buy the cup holder?love it!So much pink,Love it!Love the Green Ribbon on the frame!Great frame!

  3. Hiya Tangee. Just droppin' by to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your vid's on your new craftroom and haul. I was GMBO over your comment about the Distress Kit and what you told your DH. Tooooooo funny. That's usually the comment I say to mine, too. Actually, I told him about it and his comment: (after vibrating his shoulders, like Brrrrr, but in his case it was DUH!!!) LOL --- he retorted:-
    You women are all alike!!! And then laughed.

    BTW, your craft space is beautiful!! Enjoy your new toy! :-)

  4. Great project and love your new table! :-)

  5. Love this!

  6. I am in total LOVE with your craft table and some day when I have enough room I would love to have the same set up for my crafty space!! I LOVE the project too!! Very cute for a teen!!

    Ildi-The Craftin Mama

  7. Hi Christie! Nice to see/meet you! Your projects are great, too!

    Tangee, I wonder if PC is aware of a lot of errors in the binder projects? Have you mentioned that to PC? Not that they could do anything about the older carts now, tho, but maybe for future carts they could pay more attention to detail. :-)

  8. Love your new table! Thanks for the tour.
    and thanks for the heads-up on the directions.
    cute project.


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