Adhesive Hell

Hey Krazies -

So I'm taking a wee break from posting a project - no worries, there will be one for you tomorrow :)  I wanted to discuss Adhesive.

I use all the adhesive you see in the video below, but forgot to add pop dots, foam dots and spray adhesives.

I'm having major issues with my atg gun and would like to see if anyone can tell if I'm doing something wrong. I also sample all kinds of glues and tapes in the video and talk about them with you. Would love your to hear what you are using and what you think of my choices.

Lets just call it a lil technical break.  I'm going to have another technical break on Thursday when we discuss inking techniques and coloring of stamps.

Be warned, these are not instructional videos - these are 'Tangee needs help, that girl is crazy" videos.  :)

Enjoy the video, laugh at me showing you adhesives too close to the camera, or just out of the camera's range cause I didn't know what the hell I was doing.  I'm learning I'm learning!

See you tomorrow lovebugs!

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. My ATG is my #1 also, if I was doing something small like the lace piece you used at the end Id choose my Xyron just to keep it simple. A quick run thru the machine and your done. =)

  2. I don't know if this will help but when you thread it to the take up reel I load mine on top you have your loaded to pull under. Does that make sense?

  3. I noticed that when you have the paper on the return, you had it on top of the new tape. The paper should run in back of the black circle. Hope I explained that well.

  4. I have ther same problems with my ATG! Make sure your roll is pushed down all the way so it is tight. Thats all I have. Sometimes it helps if you cuss at it!!

  5. I have both the original Scotch 3M Atg gun and the one they sell at Michaels. A few years back there were some original ones that were manufactured incorrectly. I ended up calling the company and they sent me an adapter. That seemed to help keep my tape on the rollers better. Not all the time, mind you. I actually prefer the one from Michaels. It is smoother, easier to use and the tape always stays in place.

    I'm glad you tried the Xyron on the lace. I would never have thought that would work.

    Love this video, Tangee. Very informative.


  6. I also have your problem with my ATG. I even emailed the mfg., but they seemed to think it was user error. LOL! Anyway I recently bought Xyron Mega Runner. I REALLY like it! Holds a lot of tape and is much easier to use than my ATG. Got mine from the awesome site, Blitzy. They have truly GREAT deals 3 times a week. The Xyron Mega was, I think, $9.99 and they had the refills too for $3.99. I've used it a lot and have only used 1 roll. You might want to check it out. Really like your videos.

  7. Both the tape reel and the take up reel in the ATG gun turn in a CLOCKWISE direction when the tape is dispensed.

    Its obvious in the video that when you put the end of the tape on the take up reel that you must of turned it in a counter-clockwise direction to take up the slack, so when you use the gun and it turns the wheel the opposite way of what you did the tape comes off and out the front of the gun.

    When you load the take up reel, turn it in a clockwise direction to take up the extra slack.

    If that doesn't make sense, here's a good animation of the proper technique and a really good source for original rolls:


    Click on the yellow gun to down the exe which is an animation by 3M that shows how to use orignal framing ones but the cheap pink one works the same way.

  8. I have to add all those blue glue pens you showed are the same EK Success pen just with different wrappers and prices depending on whether you like buying anywhere as a zig or you prefer having a fancier name and price tag on them.

    They all work the same way but they require patience. When you press the tip down you open a valve up inside the pen that releases glue onto the end of the tip you can't see but it takes a good 30 seconds to a minute for it to actually soak down the inch of hard tip to the end where you can use it. Once its primed you don't need to press it down anymore unless you notice the tip has run out. DO NOT PRESS when using it. Maybe give it a half second press when you use it the first time after a while of sitting. Otherwise you will get a big a glue mess in the tip when the tip is soaked and there is no where else for it to go except to drip onto the cap or pour out onto your work.

  9. I always use my xyrons for those kinds of intricate cuts. I have 2 guns, 1/4 and1/2 inch. But I do get agrivated when they act up. I like Scotch Quick Dry, or Tombo Mono Multi liquid glue. The advantage to them is that you have a little wiggle room before they stick. Instead of the red tacky tape I use either Score Tape or a generic form. I can tear it with my fingers. No fumbling with tape and scissors. But it works the same way. I have a zig two way for small bits, but only use it on tiny cricut cuts. About your glue gun, I'd call the company and see what they say about it. They might have a solution. It might be a simple fix. Good luck.
    Hugs Jess

  10. Hi Tangee, this probably won't help with your tech issues, but I'm a new blogger and it sure is refreshing to see that someone else is so transparent! Having Issues. Your post is really cute! I personally do use Tombo liquid glue and the ATG gone. As one poster said, I have to have patience with these things. Im a new follower to your blog and I hope you'll follow mine. I am already a follower on Pintrest!! I'm sure I'll be back often to see more!

    Creations By PinkE

  11. I have had the same issue with my ATG.I want to Break it...LOL so I put it away,when it misbehaves and use my GlueGlider Pro.:)

  12. I have been using the The Xyron Mega I threw the ATG across the room. It is all fixed now... LOL

  13. I was thinking about replacing my ATG because I can't use the cheap refills! Sorry you're having problems, but glad to know I'm not along with ATG problems!

  14. We tend to stick with glue we know, but it is so important! Thanks for this video! Creative Memories has a new runner and it is fabulous!

  15. I will never forget yall yelling at me to get the atg at the first baltimore crop when you saw how many of the little ones I was going through. Ever since then it has been nothing but fabulous for me and sticky sally. I will tell you that with most of the felt type "inks", I mean glues :) that they need to be stored standing up right or flat. They do not do well when stored upside down, especially the bigger ones like the CTMH or Martha ones.

  16. WOW... I thought I had a lot of adhesives!! I think you have me beat!!! My favorite is the ATG also!! I am not sure why your gun isn't grabbing the used portion of the tape!! Maybe it's just not wrapped tight enough!! Good luck either way!!

    Ildi-The Craftin Mama


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