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50 States Binder Project

Well heck - I'm not sure how that happened but I did a post on the 50 states binder project, saved it, then scheduled it for upload for 3am and this morning I discovered it hasn't posted. So I went in on my ipad and changed it from scheduled to auto, then clicked 'post' and everything went away.  :(

Ok so - starting over.  The 50 States Binder did not have a project - I don't think any of the classmates cartridges do.  So I just chose to put all the cuts for my state on a 12x12 sheet so you could see what they looked like. I'm a little disappointed that the capital and the state names did not have a shadow feature but I love the flag!

I thought the birds were a little funky and the flower had too many layers but that's just me. Also the state shape was done at 4"  look how tiny that thang is.  The one under Annapolis actually has a tiny star cut out of it to show you were the capital is.  I just arranged them on a 12 by 12 so you could see how the cuts look. 

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Have a beautiful day!


  1. Sorry blogger is being mean to you :( But great idea to show off this cart:) My girls are in school, so I'm ready when they start doing their state projects!!

  2. Love the Maryland page!!! I need to do countrys as well as states!

  3. This is so cool!!! I had been eyeing that cart but could never justify buying that cart! TFS!

  4. Love The project I don't have the cartidge But might have to now.. Thanks for Sharing!!! Susan

  5. LOVE that project. I am so sorry that you had lost your post! I hate when that happens! I am glad you posted it again! It is amazing how small that one is at 4". I am guessing it is because in relation to the other states at 4" that is the size it needs to be. If it was set at true size it would probably be larger. Thank you so much for sharing! I am a new follower and would be honored if you would come to my blog and do the same if you aren't already at ACreativeJourneywithMelissa dot
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. I think it's really cute Tangee! I agree that the state is REALLY small considering it was cut on 4". Wonder what it would have looked like if it was cut on 12"! LOL Great blog!

  7. I think my last comment got lost in internet h3ll. I wanted to say that I love this! Am definetly looking at this for homeschooling project! Thanks for sharing! ~ Susan O

  8. I hate it when I loose a post...great project....

  9. Great job!! I don't know why some cuts come out soooo small even when you set the size at a larger number!! I have had that happen to me on a project and it is just soooooo frustrating!!

    Ildi-The Craftin Mama

  10. Sorry about your post! I have that cart but have never used it! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  11. Love your layout!Maryland?Must visit!LOL TFS
    you always make me laugh!!FB or your blog!Love it!Thanks for that!

  12. Boy, blogger has been a buger to everyone lately! 50 states is one of the first carts I got, thinking my grandkids will use it for school. They are in 3rd,4th and 5th grade and so far- no state projects!!


  14. Your state flag is amazing! The birds look like they should be on a wall clock, but they do look great! I guess the size of your state is proportional to states like Texas and California. Just remember, big things come in small packages! Lol!

  15. Love this! Sorry I posted but it didn't take! I've got this cart so I def. wanted to see what you were doing with it. Thanks for sharing.


  16. I have this cart but have never used it. Thought my grandson would use it for school, but no projects yet. I think I read somewhere that if you cut them all at the same size they will fit together to make the whole US.--Ryansmaama

  17. This is my all time favorite cart. When ever one asks which cart they should get. I tell this one. You get so much for the $. The birds and flowers are the best. Matter of fack I have 2 of these. A just in case the one craps out on me...

  18. I don't have this cartridge! Thanks for the ideas!


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