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ok........... NOW the craft room is done.... I promise!

WOOT! Look what hubby did for me today!!!!!

I said that one day I wanted that big ole desk some gals are making with 2 book cases and 2 doors.  This Melamine 8'x4' piece is at Home Depot by the plywood for 36 bucks.  We had it cut so it's 6' and I have a 2x4 piece for later to use for a shelf or something. Anyway - 8 of my cubes (4 on each side) and waaahlaaa huge ole table!  I have a variety of crafty friends that come over occasionally to play and now they have their own space across from me!!

Oh and look - there's my new Pazzles that I'm afraid to touch  EEK!.  So now, I think my room is finally done. I really like it, I really really do!  I have walkways on each side of the table, there is storage underneath (I rolled my stamp cart under there on one side) and the cats think it's a tunnel under there. I can move my machines around or use them where they are. I'm so excited I can't stand it! I just wish I felt better so I could play in there.  Perhaps tomorrow.

I'll have new cartridge projects for you soon, tomorrow I'll post photos of cups I did as well as a stamp project (non cricut) and then Monday the projects will start again.

Winner will be announced with tomorrow's post.

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. It is awesome, Tangee! You have the best husband and a really cool craft room!

    1. Jodi, I really do have an awesome husband. Thank you :)

  2. Love your desk. I have one that's very similar that I made with my cubes and an old kitchen counter top. The large space is great.

    1. Ohhh share a photo. I would love to see!

  3. Love your craft room!!I want ot play in it...LOL

    1. Come on over! Btw, I joined your blog today. So glad I went by!!

  4. Girl, you are soooo lucky to have the space to do that!! My craft room is in the basement and I just do not have the room to do that right now!! Maybe someday with a lot of re-organization!!! You have a hubby like mine, will do whatever makes us happy!! Enjoy your AWESOME new crafting space!!

  5. Wow Tangy, this is great. I work on a card table! So color me green! lol Great idea. I'm gonna chat with my honey and see if we can do something like this. TFS Hugs, and feel better soon. Jess

  6. so happy for you Tangee ! Your hubby is a real gem for doing that. Wish I lived closer..I would come play in your new room with you !


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