Kricut Kraft Room Redo!

It's finally done!  Well, not finally cause y'all know I'm gonna change it again in the next month or two :(

Here are some pictures for ya....

Didn't I promise a video too? Of course I did.....



Hugs and talk to ya soon!


  1. Love the desk that your dad made!Love the E2 and Cuttlebug dust cover...Did you make that or purchased it?Love it!Love your craft room!!!very organized!Thanks..I enjoyed your tour!


  2. Oh wow! I love, love love all of it! What a great job!! Thanks for sharing your organizational talents with us!!

    Pink E

  3. Love what you have done to your Kraft room! I wish I was as organized as you are! Thanks for sharing with us! :-)

  4. Now that you have done yours, can you come help me do mine? Lol! It looks awesome!!

  5. WOW! You're so organized! I love your space and yes I also love the desk your Dad made! How special to have that since you were 12!

    Enjoy your room!

  6. just wodnerful just wonderful

  7. Very nice! Love that you included the cat tower in there. I have a play area for my bunny too. He loves to be in my craft room with me. Love how organized you are. TFS. Tami

  8. I enjoyed the video. Thanks for all the great ideas. I love the cricut cartridge storeage.
    Hugs, Jess


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