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Hey Krazies -

I know a lot of you are stampers and oh how I envy you.  I'm  really wanting to learn different techniques but haven't been able to find a class in my area.  Hugs and Chirps!  I have pro markers and color pencils as well as watercolor crayons and these are the results I'm getting - take a peek and let me know what you think. Sure would appreciate it :)

Hugs and stuffs!


  1. Tangee I don't do a lot of coloring, but I use the pencils with the mineral oil and that works best for me. I think I'm color challenged like you! Other than that I use the CTM markers or other markers and either press lightly or harder depending on the depth I'm going for. Good luck!

  2. I use the pencils and Gamsol as well - but have recently tried Tombow markers ( watercolor markers) - and I have to say, they are cheap to purchase and very easy to use!

  3. Just have fun, stop over thinking. You don't have to blend to color and have beautiful pictures. I used Promarkers and don't always blend anything and they look great! And DON'T buy copics too much money! Promarkers are the same with a little more learning curve and a lot less money. Good Luck!

  4. Hi, I think you might like the Copic markers, but since they are so expensive, I learned about the
    Bic Alcohol Markers from Gina at GinaK Designs on Stamp TV. I think the trick is the ALCOHOL marker as opposed to water markers. Also, I have learned a great deal about this type coloring from Amy over at Prairie Paper & Ink. Her coloring techniques are great. She has a blog and also lots of videos on YouTube. Good Luck! Oh, the Bics are about $17 @ Walmart.

  5. I do not have Copic Marker or any other tool to paint.I am a little nervous about that.I wish I could juts use my Crayons...LOL

  6. I use my pencils with the gamsol all the time and I love the copics. I made that investment before I know of the less expensive brands

  7. I swore I would never color...then realized I wanted to color the skin on my cricut cuts!

  8. I use the tim holtz distress inks.... i paint with a water brush and pull the ink colors directly from the pad. He also just released matching markers which I havent tried yet. Also CTMH inks work too. I am getting a few of the markers and will let you know how that goes.

  9. I'm not big on coloring either so I feel your pain!!

    Ildi-The Craftin Mama

  10. I tried the pencils and odorless mineral spirits once and at first I didn't like it. The mineral spirits left a giant oil mark on the paper and I was so disappointed. I put it in my trash pile and a few days later, when I was throwing it away I looked again. It was gone! I was so happy. It really came out pretty. I also have the SU crayons, but haven't played with them yet.

  11. The "blender" name on that marker is kind of misleading. It actually removes the color from things. You're better off using a lighter and darker shade in the same color family to blend with Promarkers. There are some videos here for the Promarkers. They are alcohol ink, like Copics, so they work similarly.

  12. Hi! Check out Suzanne Dean's 'Color Me Creative' site. She has several videos on YouTube. She uses copics. I use copics and love them but they are expensive so I can only buy a few at a time. She is giving classes in Maryland in May and her friend is giving classes on how to color with pencils. I have learned a lot from Suzanne's classes.


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