Stamp Storage

Hi Krazies!

Here is Part 1 of my Stamp Storage tips - Part 2 is uploading now and will be posted later today.

Part 2

hope someone can use it! :)

Hugs & Chirps!


New stuffs for ya to look at

Hey guys - I'm a sicky the last 2 days and haven't done much at all. Matter of fact I have 5 video's already done for posting in the future which I did this past weekend. However I did get some goodies I ordered in the mail and wanted to show them to you.  Let me know what you think :)

200th post! Ugly Card! Blog Candy!

Hey Krazies!

This post is #200 yaaay!  To celebrate I am sharing the ugliest card EVER with you and to reward (or compensate you) for looking at it, I am having a giveaway!  YAAY!  We love giveaways don't we?

I need you to leave a response here with a way to contact you should you win.  I will announce the winner on Sunday Jan 30.

As some of you know I am SUPER slow getting prizes out - I haven't even gotten to the post office to mail out Darlene's prize of the Summer Vaca Cartridge.  Please be patient you WILL get your prize! :)

Oh you wanna know what your prize is?   Sorry I got distracted. My Yudo Card Maker and Piercing Kit from MM came in the mail - I was lookin at it! LOL

Ok you have a choice. Don't you LOVE choices? I do.  You can choose between two Cartridges!  Create a Critter or Best of Pixar  YAAAY! 

So leave us a comment telling us which is your cart of choice and a way to contact you - might be nice for you to say "Congrats on your 200th post" just to be sweet :)

Good Luck!


MUST have program!

Hey Krazies!

I want to showcase and awesome program that I've been using for YEARS.  I just started using it again and I can't figure out how I survived without it.  I can organize so many supplies, tips, tricks, my software serial #'s, recipes, my cartridges, paper, stamps - you get the idea.

AZZ Card File  

it's like a massive rolledex - but for your computer!

If you go there you can see TONS of files they offer FREE and there is some cool stuff in there!  Suzy Q Lewis (a friend from way back before Cricut and Scrapping was popular) was in a group with me called PALS (Print Artist Lovers) anyway, one of her Craft files are available for download too.

Check it out! You won't be disappointed!

Hugs & Chirps!


Coming Right Up!

Tammy will have a new post for you today.  I will have one for you tomorrow, Tammy on Wed and so on.

I've got a few projects from the new cartridges, a blog candy coming up and the worlds ugliest card EVER.  I should not be allowed to be alone in my own creativity.  Took me 2 hours to make this card using Critter cartridge, my gypsy and Peachy Keen Stamps.  I am going to take a vow to never use my brain to create something - I'll stick to creating organization and reading directions for other stuffs. I'm almost too embarrassed to show you - Actually no I'm not, I can laugh at myself.  But you will have to wait until later in the week - maybe I'll do a blog giveaway with that post.

Oh and rubber stamp storage - I'll do a video on that by the end of the week - I'm excited about this new method (altho some of you may already know about it) it's new to me. It's just gonna take a while to set it up, video and send it out.

It's gonna be a great week!  See ya soon.


Groovy Times Project & Ribbon organization

YAY!  It's the first project of the year on Kricut Krazy!  Well, the first cartridge project anyway LOL.  For those of you who are new I am on a mission to do the sample project of every cartridge I own (150 and counting) I'll do a few random projects of my own here and there and my buddy Tammy will do her SVG magic.  In this case we have the brand new cartridge Groovy Times!  Cute little project making a gift box.

The folks writing the binders and instructions for PC are getting a little lazy lemme tell ya.  You need to have a black gift box on hand.  Course no one has black gift boxes on hand so I made one using my Martha Stewart Score thingy ma bobber.  I made it 8x8 which was stupid cause now it's gynormous compared to the cute lil Chinese take out box looking thang in the binder.

Anyway the project was super simple to do and I think it's pretty festive looking.  I also showed you that I reorganized my ribbon AGAIN.  The wood dowels were bending from the weight.  So check out the video to see how you can use some of that vertical space on bookshelves, desks, etc.

Here ya go!:

Cricut Cartridge, Groovy Times


Lil guy rockin out

This is Liam - he belongs to my friend Heather and her husband Hombre's son.  He's only 3 - this is surprising!  Check it out :)


Banner, News and 9.99 cartridges! WHAT?

Hey Krazies - VERY rough day for me and for Tammy - my Iron Issues have gotten way worse and energy is super low - time for more infusions and possible blood transfusion (I hate them!)  Tammy's 2yo has had her hopping all day.

However, she IS working on posting a lil Valentines something for you tonite and I will be posting tomorrow so be sure to come back often.

We decided taht Tammy will pick a winner of the Cri-Kits on Sunday when she returns so keep leaving a comment on her post with the Froggie!

Finally - do you have a Michaels Ad?  If not Go here:  http://michaels.shoplocal.com/michaels/default.aspx?action=entryflash  print the ad off then RUN do not walk to the nearest Walmart as they are price matching Michaels 9.99 cartridge deal.  Don't bother going to Michaels as they started teh sale early and are out of EVERYTHING except Pooh in SOME stores.  So run to Wally World and getcha some Lite Cartridges - some are reporting getting 10 or more!  I'm going to try to go tomorrow (strength permitting) as I really want some more lites!  Report back and let us know how you did!

Oh I almost forgot - the Banner will be shrinking - some feedback let me know that Banner is taking up 90% of their screen.  So Sarah our resident designer is going to tweak it a lil tomorrow.

Hugs and Chirps!


News and Babblin

Hey Krazies -

Tammy is leaving on vacation soon (darn her! she just got here!) but will put up a project or two before she leaves. I'm leaving work in about an hour and starting my 'weekend' where I plan to play all day.  I hope to get about 5 projects done so we can bring you something new every day - at the very least ever other day.

We want to see lots of feedback posted as we plan on doing a random contest here or there.  You never know if a project/post you are replying to is going to be a winner!  So give us tons of feed back!  Think somethings cute? Love a paper used, or a cut?  What about a ribbon or accent?  Don't like something about the project? We wanna hear about that too. Have a suggestion like "you could have added ribbon here, or rounded those corners, or layered this or colored that"  We wanna hear it all!

Thanks everyone and have an awesome day!

Hugs & Chirps


Oh you are in for a treat!

Hey Krazies!

Tammy and I just had a 2 hour phone call where we talked and planned many many things for the future!  We also caught up on gossip and stuff dontcha know?

First off, a winner will be announced tomorrow evening so if you haven't already left a comment under the post with the 2 videos (sorry it's late, I'm tired and I can't remember...) you need to get it done - you can't win if you don't try! I know it's not the mega millions but come on, you can have a gypsy sleeve or a new cartridge - won't that be fun?

Tomorrow Tammy will be introducing herself, telling you a lil about herself and posting her very first project! YAAAY!  And, she will announce some new blog candy so be sure to check back!

Future plans for Kricut Krazy are:  Challenges, SVG stuffs, tons of blog candy and lots of videos, projects and fun!  Of course I can't tell you EVERYTHING but you will be so happy you stuck around!  I'm so excited to have her on board.

Oh and watch out, she's coming to visit soon and who knows what we can get into? She claims she wants to see me and we'll have fun doing projects, etc but I think it's the shopping she's after. She lives on that lil bitty island and has to drive 3 hours to get her fun craft stuffs.

I will stick mostly with Cartridge Projects and Tammy will stick with SVG's and new creative projects.  So we'll still be checking out the projects that are in the binders of the projects but Tammy will take it to another level by doing her own projects.  Jeeze I'm tired did that even make sense?

Also take note that we have several sponsors and I need to update the sponsors page which I will do this weekend.  Cri-Kits, Craft-E-Corner, the Vinyl Guy and Paper Crafting Pro - so stay tuned for some pretty darn awesome blog candy!

oh and one last thing - my birthday is coming up - I think y'all find out which cartridges I don't own, and send them to me - it would make a most awesome Birthday gift.  Just sayin...

Hugs & Chirps!

Hey Krazies!

Guess who's been out of commission for 2.5 days with the stomach flu?  Yep, me.  And I am not a good sickie - I moan, bitch, complain and whine.  The entire time.  My poor husband.

Anyway - I'm having a meeting with Tammy this evening via telephone so you should start to see changes real soon - as soon as tonite when the site will have a new header - come back and check it out and let me know what you think.

I'm going to go whine and complain some more and look pitiful so hubby babies me.

Love yas!


Oh what an exciting day....

I wake up this morning, piddle around and then jump in my craft room to play. As some of you know, I'm anal about my scrap room so I have to now clean and organize it before I can play.  This involved updating my gypsy and putting my new carts on it, then completely redoing my cart shelf then I found papers that fell behind my printer and had to sort them and found the missing emissions test paper due on the 14th yaay.  So then I organize a few new toys, straighten, had to dust the table and desk that was full of glitter, price tags, snips of gift paper, buried pens/bows/ribbons/scissors.  So a good 3 hours later (yes, ADD in adults is such fun.... sigh) I start designing my lil heart out on my gypsy (After I made a note of every cartridge I do not own (68 for those paying attention)  Oh, and after I went on papercraftingpro.com and ordered 14 more EEK so that would be 54 I don't own....

Where was I?  Told ya ADD was a pain in the butt.  Anyway so I get some stuff designed and ready to print - I pick out some purty paper and load it on my mat, then plug in the gypsy and go to load it into the Expression.... nothing.  Just a timer on the gypsy. Hmmm....  then a thingy pops up that says You are not connected to the Cricut, check your connection.  So I did, 80 bamillion times.  So then I ask Mr. Kricut Krazy to look at it. Even tho he does not have ADD, he took THAT moment to chase me around and try to uhm...anyway he looks at it and says "It's either the cord or the Expression.  Gee thanks Mr. Helpful.

So I give up. Instead I do a video for you guys whining about how things didn't work out AGAIN and instead I show you my haul from Santa (tools, cartridges, peachy keen stamps and I forgot to show you my rocking pink Skull candy headphones (not ear buds but actual headphones) then I go over to my gypsy and Expression to show you what happened when I tried to cut so you guys would know I wasn't just be lazy and wouldn't you believe it? It started working - you'll see my shock and surprise at the end of the video (which will take a coons age to upload.

Anyway - who wants some blog candy?  How about a brand spankin new still in the package Summer Vacation Cartridge - if you already own it, you can choose a Lime Green Gypsy starter kit which I got with my rewards points but didn't need cause I have a pink one I like more.  All ya gotta do is leave ONE or TWO new years resolutions in the comments section. It would be nice if you followed the blog but you don't hafta if you don't wanna.

Is anyone still reading this?  I'm still missing 50 or so cartridges so if you wanna send me some I don't have I'd be forever grateful  Giggle Snort...

Ok my New Year resolution is the following:

#1  Find a Challenge blog to follow - and do the challenges.
#2  Post AT LEAST once a week on Kricut Krazy
#3 Find a partner to do Kricut Krazy with me so I don't go a month without posting.

Here's Part 2 of the Video from above...

 let the comments begin!


A project or two, some playing and some blog candy!

Hey Krazies!

Happy Happy New Year!  I hope you had an awesome holiday, I sure did! I got to see my girls (one flew in from CA, the other drove in from GA) and I got to spend time with family. I love Christmas shopping and Christmas day comes and goes way too fast!

I got 11 carts between my husband and sister - all lites that I've been wanting. I also got a Kindle and can I just say I'm head over heals in love with this thing?  I can't put it down!

So I'm off to do a few errands, hubby is catching up on Mt. Laundry and when I get home I need to straighten my craft area (which was the present wrapping station for the last month) and put away Christmas stuffs and then I'm going to play!  I'm hoping to pull off a project or two, do some playing and share what I come up with and announce a blog giveaway! 

Let me know what you are working on and how Santa treated you.

Love, hugs and chirps!

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