Oh what an exciting day....

I wake up this morning, piddle around and then jump in my craft room to play. As some of you know, I'm anal about my scrap room so I have to now clean and organize it before I can play.  This involved updating my gypsy and putting my new carts on it, then completely redoing my cart shelf then I found papers that fell behind my printer and had to sort them and found the missing emissions test paper due on the 14th yaay.  So then I organize a few new toys, straighten, had to dust the table and desk that was full of glitter, price tags, snips of gift paper, buried pens/bows/ribbons/scissors.  So a good 3 hours later (yes, ADD in adults is such fun.... sigh) I start designing my lil heart out on my gypsy (After I made a note of every cartridge I do not own (68 for those paying attention)  Oh, and after I went on papercraftingpro.com and ordered 14 more EEK so that would be 54 I don't own....

Where was I?  Told ya ADD was a pain in the butt.  Anyway so I get some stuff designed and ready to print - I pick out some purty paper and load it on my mat, then plug in the gypsy and go to load it into the Expression.... nothing.  Just a timer on the gypsy. Hmmm....  then a thingy pops up that says You are not connected to the Cricut, check your connection.  So I did, 80 bamillion times.  So then I ask Mr. Kricut Krazy to look at it. Even tho he does not have ADD, he took THAT moment to chase me around and try to uhm...anyway he looks at it and says "It's either the cord or the Expression.  Gee thanks Mr. Helpful.

So I give up. Instead I do a video for you guys whining about how things didn't work out AGAIN and instead I show you my haul from Santa (tools, cartridges, peachy keen stamps and I forgot to show you my rocking pink Skull candy headphones (not ear buds but actual headphones) then I go over to my gypsy and Expression to show you what happened when I tried to cut so you guys would know I wasn't just be lazy and wouldn't you believe it? It started working - you'll see my shock and surprise at the end of the video (which will take a coons age to upload.

Anyway - who wants some blog candy?  How about a brand spankin new still in the package Summer Vacation Cartridge - if you already own it, you can choose a Lime Green Gypsy starter kit which I got with my rewards points but didn't need cause I have a pink one I like more.  All ya gotta do is leave ONE or TWO new years resolutions in the comments section. It would be nice if you followed the blog but you don't hafta if you don't wanna.

Is anyone still reading this?  I'm still missing 50 or so cartridges so if you wanna send me some I don't have I'd be forever grateful  Giggle Snort...

Ok my New Year resolution is the following:

#1  Find a Challenge blog to follow - and do the challenges.
#2  Post AT LEAST once a week on Kricut Krazy
#3 Find a partner to do Kricut Krazy with me so I don't go a month without posting.

Here's Part 2 of the Video from above...

 let the comments begin!


  1. Hiya Tangee!
    So my New Year resolutions are the following:
    1) Figure out how to do videos and upload them to my blog;
    2) Lure -- oopps I mean...get people to fall in love with my blog and become followers
    3) Figure out how to balance married life, cooking, crafting, working out, family, friends and working full time. (Just got stressed thinking about it!)

    So anyhoo...if you need a guest blogger or anything, let me know, maybe I can help you out a little!!!

  2. My resolutions:

    1. Get to know my Imagaine!
    2. Use my Gypsy more.
    3. Start my own blog!

    I love following many blogs for ideas and inspiration. Thanks for being a great blog to follow!


  3. Don't you just hate it when your electronics make a fool out of you? Argh!! lol I can't wait to see the video, I know it will be good. I can't believe you were that far behind on cartridges, shame on you.

    No resolutions only goals for me... a big one I set for myself is to do a scrapbook for my daughters years in school and have it ready for next school year before it gets here. (She will be a senior).

    Marianne S.
    sthquilter at gmail dot com

  4. I volunteer to be your partner because I love blogging and I'm on the internet way too much (so my hubby says!) But really I am volunteering if you are serious.
    My resolution is to at least once a week use one of the many carts I have that I haven't used once. And of course the usual I would like to lose weight but hey I'm being realistic...I will definitely do the first resolution but the likely hood of the second happening....well lets just say the odds are against me! (I like Heath bars and snacking way too much!)

  5. Gotta love when things make a liar out of you....but then again sometimes (like this one) it is a good thing.
    Well I do not make resolutions...it is one less thing for me to stress over....but.....I do have a couple of things that I would like to accomplish this year.
    1. Finish my soon-to-be teenage daughter's room make-over ON TIME!!!
    2. Try to find more time to crafty. Having three kiddos (one not in school yet), full time job, one child in competative swimming, and a wonderful husband that loves to work on restoring vehicles does not leave much time at all for me to be crafty..
    Ok I have blah blah blah'd enough...
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Hi Tangee!!
    I see that you was a good girl and got alot from Santa...:) Sure glad that your cricut is working again!! Glad that you found your emissions test paper in time. had you re-done another one? I love my ADD LOL....So my New years resolution is to Continue to be smoke free, (I am just 2 months into it) And The other is not really a resolution but a goal....I plan to loose 25 pounds. So here ya go!! keep your fingers crossed and have a super year!!! See you around soon Tangee!!! How is your mom doing? I wil E-mail you soon!! Thanks for the chance to win blog candy!!!


  7. I love love love your site!!!! Pink makes me soooo happy =)...I'm one of your newest followers....I do not make resolutions instead I set goals & my first & foremost goal is to concore blogging & learned to edit my flip video....Thanks for sharing your blog.......

  8. Hey Tangee! Looks like Santa was good to you this Christmas! I ventured over to PaperCraftingPro myself to do some damage... and 2 cartridges later, I am so happy (they came today - Yay!). I don't really do resolutions, but in this new year & new decade, I plan to grow my business and be diligent with my spending. If you decide to reactivate your design team, let me know - I'm in!

  9. Had to leave another comment after watching the video...I love pink too! My craft room is painted pink, I buy anything pink I can. Love the pink tool kit and MAN do you have alot of carts!! PS I alphabetize mine also! I am a neat freak and have to have order!

  10. I would also love to be your partner! My biggest resolution is to every cartridge I have at least once through the year! Also to try and do at least two challenges a week. Thanks for the chance to win the cartridge.

  11. Love it!! you got me laughing right at the end of the video!! Glad it's working for ya now!! I don't really make resolutions, but I do want to learn more about my Imagaine!! and use it!! Only did a few cuts with it..kinda like I am scared of it!! anyway thank you so much for the laughs!!

  12. My new years resolutions... To make more cards, and scrapbook layouts, and to work on my blog more.

  13. 1. Become clutter free and organized.
    2. spend more individual time with my 4 kids.
    3. get back to what i love...sewing and crafting!

  14. One of my crafty goals for the yr is to do more layouts. I want to scrap the memories while they are still fresh in my mind.


    PS: If you are looking for a fun challenge blog to follow hop on over to http://www.fantabulouscricut.blogspot.com/ and check them out. :)

  15. My new years resolution is to focus more on the fun stuff and not the things I can't change. Which of course means more crafting and less working. I would like to craft a couple nights a week after work.

  16. I am so with you on the ADD-If I take my medicine I am great but without I get nothing done.
    No resolutions only goals for me.
    1. Submit more of my work. (to cricut, challenge's and maybe get published)
    2. Timeblock my day.
    3. Organize
    4. Of course eat healthy blah blah

    Happy New Year,

  17. That video was great...you got some good stuff for Christmas!! As far as my resolutions...they always seem to be broken by Valentine's day!!
    1. Organize everything....
    2. Exercise ......
    3. Stop lying about resolutions 1 & 2.
    My goal for 2011 is enjoy everything more...clutter scrapbook areas and a larger pant sizes..life is what you make it and I want to smile more and worry less!! Have a Happy New Year and if I could bear to part with a cartridge or two you would be the first person I'd send them to.

  18. I guess I like the idea that Wendy has for goals, not resolutions.
    1. My main goal is to use each of my cartridges for a project. Have so many that I
    haven't used yet, but, just had to have and more coming.
    2. I would also like to get confident enough with my work to enter some of the challenges.

    I do already have that cartridge, but would love the sleeve--then I would not have to use my rewards points to get one. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win. I am a follower.patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

  19. 1. Use my cricut more.
    2. Make more time to papercraft.
    3. Spend time with family.

    craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

  20. Happy New Year Tangee! Your first video was so funny at the end! And the entire time I was thinking to myself, "Wouldn't it be funny it if worked while she was filming?" and then it happened and the video was over! Thanks for the laugh! :-)
    My resolutions are to stop buying cartridges and use the ones I have and to stop buying cards and make them! Thank you for the chance to win!

  21. Hi Tangee!! I just found your site, so I am a New Follower!! Very cute videos, love it when are electronics act smarter then we are!! lol
    My Resolution is to get organized. It sounds big & vague, but once I can make some order of all my madness, everything else will fall in place!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  22. Happy New Year Tangee! My New Year's resolution is to
    1.Create and post projects on my blog featuring each of my 150+ Cricut cartridges
    2.Start using my treadmill again - for exercising not clothing rack :-)
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    qtme2003 at yahoo dot ca

  23. Resolution! CLEAN SWEEP my messy crop room! Seriously I don't have a clean spot to craft. I need to get organized.

    Santa didn't bring me any carts so I need to win yours, thanks buddy!

  24. Hello Tangee. Here goes.
    I started working with a trainer at the gym, so my first goal will be to work out consistently.
    2) loose 40 lbs
    3) Finally figure out how to actually use my Gyspy rather than just look at the pictures. So very clueless at this point.
    4) update the Gypsy and add my new Lite carts
    5) look for those cute stamps you got for Xmas.
    Dawn in GA

  25. LOL! Girl you are a riot!
    1. use every cartridge I own - (only 102 - boohoo. LOL)
    2. lose weight

    I know a few others have volunteered to help with your blog, I'm in too. Just let us know. Maybe u could do a design team again and each person could post a day on a theme you pick. Give it some thought. Girl we are here for you, let's keep your blog going. We all enjoy it so much!

    desaucier at bellsouth dot net

  26. hey Tangee I just love coming to your blog, you make me laugh here is my list
    lose weight use my gypsy more buy more carts, and keep my blog up to date thanks Debbie

  27. Hey Tangee - As usual, you totally crack me up in your post and videos ! I can't believe you ordered 14 more carts...wholly cow! Now we know why you had to go back to work for sure :)

    My resolutions this year...

    1) FOCUS ON THINGS THAT ARE IMPORTANT - OOPS, I guess you need to add that to your list too !



    Happy New Year ! Hope I win...amazingly you are actually offering a cart I don't own. teehee hee

  28. My resolutions are:

    1. Get down to 175 by May 9th

    2. Carve out more Cricut time

    3. Learn to use my Gypsy

    Thanks for a chance an blog candy. I am missing LOTS of cartridges and can use all the help I can get.

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B


  29. I have seversl GOALS for 2011...
    1. Do something with the website I've owned for almost a year.
    2. FIND A JOB!

    Have you heard of OliveJuiceStudio.com? I'm not sure if she considers her site a challenge blog but she has challenges every month.

    ohsoprettyful at gmail dot cm

  30. Great video. My goals are:

    1. Do one healthy thing a day
    2. Use my stash of scrapping goodies so I can buy more.

  31. My resolutions and goals
    1. Figure out my blog and actually post pictures and projects!
    2. Scrapbook a lot more... My 8th grade twin boys need to get out of 1st grade!
    3. Figure out my gypsy
    4. Use all of cartridges at least 1 time each
    5. Make christmas cards so I can actually send them out next year
    6. Make birthday cards for my siblings and actually send them
    7. Organize... Share some items with my nieces
    8. Enter a challenge or two or three... Not really picky!
    9. Use some of the vinyl I bought last year(ok maybe it was 2009!)
    10. Make a tear bear and duck and a rabbit

    I do have so many more things I need to do...
    Thanks for asking! I only got to order 5 new cartridges! Congrats on 15 new ones! Pjritsema at gmail dot com

  32. 1) The most important one: Be kinder and gentler to myself
    2) Keep on blogging
    3) Organize paper
    4) Organize EVERYTHING

    Love your blog. Thanks!
    nancy at fancywithnancy.com

  33. Sorry your day didn't quite go as you may have planned it. Have to keep life spicy and unpredictable, right??? :)
    My resolutions are:
    1) To use my Imagine more to use layouts and not just cards
    2) To declutter my house--s l o w l y--one room at a time
    3) Typical, same old, lose weight and eat better--OOPS--just did that one in as I ate a couple of Lindor chocolates. Oh well I guess I will focus on 1 and 2.
    Love your blog. Sorry can't help you. I am too busy looking at everyone else's blogs to have time to do my own.
    Thanks for all your sharing and creativity!!!!!!
    gaudet5 at rogers dot com

  34. My New Years resolution is to finish my wedding scrapbook! Thanks for the chance to win! That cartridge is on my wish list!
    ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. Spend more time with my family and My new years scrapping resolution is to find a close by scrapping partner. Make and post more videos possibly get a sponser or two for my blog.


  36. Oh Tangee, my buddy my pal, and my CKS for life!! What a great post, and even though I haven't got to watch the video yet I had to comment about your comments! I LOVE the comments that everyone has left. I was glad to see that I'm not alone, and I felt like I could have written most of these comments myself (including this one.....wait.......). You rock, and please let me know if I can help you with anything and I promise I will ;o)

  37. Love this post and videos! Fourteen new carts, I don't have that many carts in total yet! Mind you, I enjoy using the ones I have! My first New Years resolution is to take more time for ME, whether I craft, read or have a relaxing bath. My second is to learn to use my gypsy. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win!

  38. Well, I don't do resolutions (they never work for me) BUT a BIG goal I have for myself is to find a better job!


  39. My resolutions: (1) Make 3 christmas cards a week (2) get at least one layout completed a week (3) keep my scraproom organized (4) start my own blog (5) exercise more


  40. I'm a follower. My 3 New Years resolutions are-

    1. Lose 50 pounds
    2. Get farther in our adoption process (would be nice if we could actually get to adopt this year)
    3. Find a job and hopefully one i'll enjoy :-)

    Loved the end of the video, that was too funny. lol! Looks like you got some neat stuff for Christmas!!! What a great hubby :-)

    Look forward to seeing what you create! TFS! -Sam :-)

  41. Resolutions: I want to be on any desing team; try to make some video and post at least two times a week on my blog.


  42. My resolutions are: 1. Spend more time actually cradting and not just reading blogs!
    @. Get my dcrap room clean and organized. And keep it that way!!
    So glad your gypsy/ cricut worked. Dang those electronic things anyway!!

  43. Hi Tangee! I love your blog and your videos. I don't really have any resolutions but I do want to spend more time crafting this year so keep up the inspiration!

  44. My New Year's Resolution is to spend more time playing with my Gypsy and Cricut machine. Good think I have dust covers for both of them - they are feeling so unloved. I feel bad about having so many carts and just not using them, and wanting more! I NEED to change that - which is why it's my resolution this year.

  45. My New Year's Resolution is to visit your blog more often- you always make me giggle out loud!
    And...the all popular... Lose weight, and a lot of it!

  46. You crack me up!!! :) Part of my New Year's Resolutions include posting more often on my blog, making a DT, and get all cards out for Birthday's on time (I was a week late on a few). Thanks so much for the chance! You're so sweet! :)

  47. Happy New years. I busted out laughing at the end of your first video. That was so funny that your expression started working and immediately wanted to work on your project. You are so cute! I'm with you, I don't like ear buds either. They hurt my ears too.

    My resolutions are to
    1. Find more time for me to craft
    2. Get 300 followers on my blog and my FB page
    3. Stretch my creativity by creating different and unique creations

    Thanks so much

    stacy at mycraftingtime dot com

  48. I just recently found your blog and now have it in my favorites. I really don't do resolutions but a goal of mine is to scrapbook. I am a card maker, but really want to be a scrapbooker!!! I want to say welcome Tammy. TFS and for the give-away.


  49. I just found your blog today. Love it! I already accomplished one goal for the new year, which was to start a blog. However, figuring it all out and keeping up with it? Well, that will have to be a new goal of it's own! : ) Another goal I have this year is to use all of my cricut cartridges. I definitely don't have as many as you do (although I wish I did) but I have become guilty of being more of a collector than a user lately. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  50. Hey Tangee!
    My resolutions this year are:
    1.Volunteer more in my kids classes.
    2.Scrapbook a page a week
    3.No soda or fast food for a year. (this one is going to be very hard! But I'm hoping the money not used on this will go to crafting.)

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway and have a great day! :)

  51. I am already a follwer, and looking forward to the fun changes! My resolutions are to use what I have and to sort my paper.
    I already gave up on sorting my paper...

    Have a great night!

  52. Love your blog! My first resolution is to make at least one crafting project a week (hopefully a layout). I have soo much to catch up on and this job thing gets in the way! I'd also like to post at least one a week on my blog and share my projects. Thanks for a great giveaway! (This is one of the cartridges on the top of my wish list!)


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