Coming Right Up!

Tammy will have a new post for you today.  I will have one for you tomorrow, Tammy on Wed and so on.

I've got a few projects from the new cartridges, a blog candy coming up and the worlds ugliest card EVER.  I should not be allowed to be alone in my own creativity.  Took me 2 hours to make this card using Critter cartridge, my gypsy and Peachy Keen Stamps.  I am going to take a vow to never use my brain to create something - I'll stick to creating organization and reading directions for other stuffs. I'm almost too embarrassed to show you - Actually no I'm not, I can laugh at myself.  But you will have to wait until later in the week - maybe I'll do a blog giveaway with that post.

Oh and rubber stamp storage - I'll do a video on that by the end of the week - I'm excited about this new method (altho some of you may already know about it) it's new to me. It's just gonna take a while to set it up, video and send it out.

It's gonna be a great week!  See ya soon.

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