Groovy Times Project & Ribbon organization

YAY!  It's the first project of the year on Kricut Krazy!  Well, the first cartridge project anyway LOL.  For those of you who are new I am on a mission to do the sample project of every cartridge I own (150 and counting) I'll do a few random projects of my own here and there and my buddy Tammy will do her SVG magic.  In this case we have the brand new cartridge Groovy Times!  Cute little project making a gift box.

The folks writing the binders and instructions for PC are getting a little lazy lemme tell ya.  You need to have a black gift box on hand.  Course no one has black gift boxes on hand so I made one using my Martha Stewart Score thingy ma bobber.  I made it 8x8 which was stupid cause now it's gynormous compared to the cute lil Chinese take out box looking thang in the binder.

Anyway the project was super simple to do and I think it's pretty festive looking.  I also showed you that I reorganized my ribbon AGAIN.  The wood dowels were bending from the weight.  So check out the video to see how you can use some of that vertical space on bookshelves, desks, etc.

Here ya go!:

Cricut Cartridge, Groovy Times


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  2. Its an IRock!!! ha ha, loved your name for it tho!I have been organizing ribbon all day. Found some I had forgotten about and some duplicates too! Sound like you have ;ots of new carts to play with! I'll be watching for more videos!

  3. Wow, I love the box and the ribbon organization!

  4. I love your box. I am going to have to get this cart, I just love those little flower. Awesome ribbon organizing idea! Thanks for sharing and have a great week.


  5. uh hello !! Im more concerned with the circle card on your wall!! what is that? A christmas card? how are you special ? WHERES MINE?
    BTW your box was ADORABLE !!! I think Im gonna have to go use my cart NOW !!!!

  6. "Groovy" box, pun intended! LOL I had not thought about using the tension rods before. I have some vertical space that those rods just might work in. Thanks for the idea!!


  7. Michelle - which Circle Card - the one someone made or the pre-printed one? The blue one was sent by a circle friend and the green one was sent by Shannon from the Cricut Circle - why? cause I'm special that's why! LOL

    Thanks everyone for the comments so far. We plan on having something every single day for you so keep checking back. And to Cheryl: Far Out! :)

  8. What a good idea, and since I've had the original cricut forever and never used it much and recently upgraded to the Imagine and added 40 carts, I think it will be a good idea for me to do the same and get to know it a little better! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Tangee, you were definitely in the "groove" w/ that video! Get it?? --- "groove" as in groovy box and groove in your ribbon storage. Oh, why am I explainin' that to you. OF COURSE you get it! LOL :-)

    Loved your video! You always make me smile! :-)


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