Oh you are in for a treat!

Hey Krazies!

Tammy and I just had a 2 hour phone call where we talked and planned many many things for the future!  We also caught up on gossip and stuff dontcha know?

First off, a winner will be announced tomorrow evening so if you haven't already left a comment under the post with the 2 videos (sorry it's late, I'm tired and I can't remember...) you need to get it done - you can't win if you don't try! I know it's not the mega millions but come on, you can have a gypsy sleeve or a new cartridge - won't that be fun?

Tomorrow Tammy will be introducing herself, telling you a lil about herself and posting her very first project! YAAAY!  And, she will announce some new blog candy so be sure to check back!

Future plans for Kricut Krazy are:  Challenges, SVG stuffs, tons of blog candy and lots of videos, projects and fun!  Of course I can't tell you EVERYTHING but you will be so happy you stuck around!  I'm so excited to have her on board.

Oh and watch out, she's coming to visit soon and who knows what we can get into? She claims she wants to see me and we'll have fun doing projects, etc but I think it's the shopping she's after. She lives on that lil bitty island and has to drive 3 hours to get her fun craft stuffs.

I will stick mostly with Cartridge Projects and Tammy will stick with SVG's and new creative projects.  So we'll still be checking out the projects that are in the binders of the projects but Tammy will take it to another level by doing her own projects.  Jeeze I'm tired did that even make sense?

Also take note that we have several sponsors and I need to update the sponsors page which I will do this weekend.  Cri-Kits, Craft-E-Corner, the Vinyl Guy and Paper Crafting Pro - so stay tuned for some pretty darn awesome blog candy!

oh and one last thing - my birthday is coming up - I think y'all find out which cartridges I don't own, and send them to me - it would make a most awesome Birthday gift.  Just sayin...

Hugs & Chirps!

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