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Hey Krazies -

Tammy is leaving on vacation soon (darn her! she just got here!) but will put up a project or two before she leaves. I'm leaving work in about an hour and starting my 'weekend' where I plan to play all day.  I hope to get about 5 projects done so we can bring you something new every day - at the very least ever other day.

We want to see lots of feedback posted as we plan on doing a random contest here or there.  You never know if a project/post you are replying to is going to be a winner!  So give us tons of feed back!  Think somethings cute? Love a paper used, or a cut?  What about a ribbon or accent?  Don't like something about the project? We wanna hear about that too. Have a suggestion like "you could have added ribbon here, or rounded those corners, or layered this or colored that"  We wanna hear it all!

Thanks everyone and have an awesome day!

Hugs & Chirps


  1. Can't wait to see what you talented ladies create!

  2. Excited by the porospects of something new and wonderful, can hardly wait!

  3. Can't wait to see what you come up with and to read everyones critique!!

  4. Tammy have a wonderful vacation, wish it were me! Tangee have a wonderful weekend! I'll be back next week to check things out.



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