Banner, News and 9.99 cartridges! WHAT?

Hey Krazies - VERY rough day for me and for Tammy - my Iron Issues have gotten way worse and energy is super low - time for more infusions and possible blood transfusion (I hate them!)  Tammy's 2yo has had her hopping all day.

However, she IS working on posting a lil Valentines something for you tonite and I will be posting tomorrow so be sure to come back often.

We decided taht Tammy will pick a winner of the Cri-Kits on Sunday when she returns so keep leaving a comment on her post with the Froggie!

Finally - do you have a Michaels Ad?  If not Go here:  http://michaels.shoplocal.com/michaels/default.aspx?action=entryflash  print the ad off then RUN do not walk to the nearest Walmart as they are price matching Michaels 9.99 cartridge deal.  Don't bother going to Michaels as they started teh sale early and are out of EVERYTHING except Pooh in SOME stores.  So run to Wally World and getcha some Lite Cartridges - some are reporting getting 10 or more!  I'm going to try to go tomorrow (strength permitting) as I really want some more lites!  Report back and let us know how you did!

Oh I almost forgot - the Banner will be shrinking - some feedback let me know that Banner is taking up 90% of their screen.  So Sarah our resident designer is going to tweak it a lil tomorrow.

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. My Walmart wouldn't price match :+( due to the word CLEARANCE being used in the ad.

    Good luck to the other! I so wanted at least 5 of the Lites to!


  2. Hope you are feeling better Tangee!!! Could you please thank your Mom for me for the Christmas card she sent...that was soooo very sweet and it really touched me!!! THANKS!!!

    have a blessed day,


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