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Let insanity ensue! Holiday Crafty Projects, Tutorial on Calendar Coaster and more!

Hey Krazies!

Here is a quick video showing you my craft room that exploded with to do project supplies!  Also I wanted to talk to you about how to do a fun calendar coaster!

First the video!

Now the Calendar Coaster!  Or, Coaster Calender if you'd rather!

 Aren't these adorable?  Last year Michele and or Candace from Jaded Blossom sent me the green Coaster Calendar with an order (pssst.... right now, today 12/30/2013) they are having a big ole stinkin sale, the more  you buy, the more you save WOOT!  Anyhoo, they sell Coaster Kits which have the blank coasters and dated calendars but alas they are out of them.  So, you can order the coasters (or use some from a bar/restaurant or if you are a loosey goosey with the booze, your own stash) from Sky Blue Pink.  I bought these a year or two ago and haven't checked the recent prices but I know they were very reasonable.  The Calendars, well my best guess would be to google  'mini calendars' or 'mini tear off calendar…

Happy Happy Thanksgiving! A few cards to share

First thing is first:  Can someone tell me how in the world I view the comments?  They used to just show up, now they are no longer there.  If I click on 'comments' it prompts me to leave one.  Sigh.  I have to get these stamps to winners but first I have to find the winners LOL

I wanted to talk about coupons for a quick second.  I buy NOTHING without a coupon/sale and if it's combined I'm in HEAVEN.  Yesterday Kohls had a couldn't pass up deal.  After coupon code (BLACKFRI), free shipping, a 30 dollar rebate, $60 in Kohls cash AND $14.08 from ebates I was able to snag a Kitchenaid (this one: Stand Mixer) for 79 dollars!!  Lets be honest, that's flat out stealing!

Ebates is the bomb diggity!  They have SO many stores you are going to find a bunch if you shop online for the holidays.  Click here to join free:

Last Christmas I snagged over 100 bucks in rebates just by going thru their site fi…

Who wants some Chicken Fajita's?

Wow this was a super easy meal and a huge hit!  If you like Fajita's, you are going to love this!

Crockpot Fajita's

Green Pepper
Fajita Seasoning or Fajita Seasoning Packet
4 Chicken Breasts boneless skinless, or Chicken tenders
1/4 cup of chicken broth
All your fixins for Fajitas (tortillas, cheese, lettuce, sourcream, etc)

If you use FROZEN chicken for this, you do not need chicken broth.  If you thaw them first, use the broth. If no broth on hand - just had a lil water to thawed Chicken.

So, cut up your Onions and Peppers and place in bottom of your crock pot (as many or little as you want)
Place chicken on top of that.  Pour in the chicken broth and then sprinkle on the Fajita Seasoning (or seasoning packet)
Turn your crock pot on medium for 6 hours, high for 3 hours.

Your house will smell amazing.  Simply amazing!  When the chicken is done, simply use two forks to shred it (it will shred very easily) and that's it.  As you can see from the photo, I served it in …

Vinyl on Glass Blocks

Hey everyone!

Hope you are having a great week. The holidays are coming fast YIPES!  My daughter and I are sitting here watching spooky stuff and I figured I'd get this post done before I go to bed.

One of our friends had a birthday this weekend. He is a die hard Baltimore Ravens Fan.  I have been wanting to do something like this for him for awhile but needed an excuse.  We hang out with he and his wife quite a bit - normally it's the guys on the deck watching football games while the girls  hang out inside discussing girly things.  Usually there are other couples with us - we all graduated in the 80's from the local High School so it's fun to hang out after all these years.  There are a lot of "Remember when" conversations.  The more drinking, the funnier the conversations (and more embellished lol)

So I started off with the intention of cutting this out with vinyl and putting it on the glass:

People lemme tell ya - this was a NIGHTMARE.  What was I thinking…

Vinyl Cups, my Tee-ma necklace and meet the kids!

Hi Krazies - yeah, I misspelled it yesterday, I wrote Krazys.  But I'm not changing it. Why? Because I'm lazy like that.  It's how I roll.

So let me show you a vinyl project I did last month for my great-nephew Jaxon who is going through a Firetruck phase.  But first I have to tell you a story.  When Amanda was 3 (she's now 22) we were at a county fair and strolling around.  A fire truck was there with fireman hanging out and letting kids climb all over, explore, toot the horn, etc.  A fireman says "Hey kids, wanna come check out the firetruck?"  to which my baby Amanda replies "No thank you Mister.  My Uncle Brian gots one and we seed it already a lots"  LOL  That tickles me to this day.  Ok moving on.

So I got these fun cups at the Dollar Tree one day.  I kinda wish I had picked up more but I got one in each color.  It has a flip top and a straw pops out, a cord for them to hang around their necks (not sure that's a super idea...) and a cup o…

Where in the world is Kricut Krazy?

Hey there Krazys!

So yeah, I had all these big plans. Blog post every day or two, blog candy (I haven't forgotten the stamp candy)  Recipes, Projects, Jewelry, etc, etc, etc.

What happened?  Well, life.  As a lot of you know, I take care of my mom who has Parkinson's.  We have good days, we have bad days. Lately we've been having a lot of 'falling down' days.  We've had 2 ER visits in the middle of the night and one fun night when she fell hitting her head on the deacon bench in her room. At 4 am.  I did not find out about it for several hours, by then I was in full panic mode and sure she had a skull fracture.  Turns out, a scrape about 2" long across the base of her skull that bled like she had been hit with a hatchet.  Thankfully, other than a headache and a huge mess to clean up, mom is doing fine.  What a scare that was!

Anyone following my saga knows that mom's regular night attendant had a massive stroke last year.  This broke mom's heart as…