Let insanity ensue! Holiday Crafty Projects, Tutorial on Calendar Coaster and more!

Hey Krazies!

Here is a quick video showing you my craft room that exploded with to do project supplies!  Also I wanted to talk to you about how to do a fun calendar coaster!

First the video!

Now the Calendar Coaster!  Or, Coaster Calender if you'd rather!

 Aren't these adorable?  Last year Michele and or Candace from Jaded Blossom sent me the green Coaster Calendar with an order (pssst.... right now, today 12/30/2013) they are having a big ole stinkin sale, the more  you buy, the more you save WOOT!  Anyhoo, they sell Coaster Kits which have the blank coasters and dated calendars but alas they are out of them.  So, you can order the coasters (or use some from a bar/restaurant or if you are a loosey goosey with the booze, your own stash) from Sky Blue Pink.  I bought these a year or two ago and haven't checked the recent prices but I know they were very reasonable.  The Calendars, well my best guess would be to google  'mini calendars' or 'mini tear off calendars' or you can even make your own in Word.  Just search 'mini calendar template"
 So I took down JB's calendar and gave it a look see.  I then dug around my stash to find the coasters that I knew I had but did not remember where I put.  I gathered up a 12x12 Recollections Christmas pad from Michaels (50% off dontcha know) and grabbed some coordinating scraps from my scrap bins.  I initially tried the 1" circle with a 1 1/4" for the bottom layer - way too big. So I went with the 3/4" circle punch and the 1" for the bottom. Better fit I'd say.  I used # stamps from Peachy Keen's PK-09 Cheesy Packers set and a teeny bow already tied from who knows where.   I placed the coaster (already taped using tape gun) down on the non printed side of a sheet of paper (not card stock, paper works better) and then simply trimmed around it.
I tried in vain to get the banner behind the letters perfect but, it wasn't to be. I used my square punch to cut the lil notches out - but it got shorter and shorter until it wasn't overlapping like the cute one from JB.  Oh well I give up.  Using pop dots under the calendar year was smart because it really stands out.  Have fun, I know you have a huge stash and are itching to play - go to the local bar and ask for coasters (I actually got a stack from the bowling alley snack bar one night before I ordered the plain ones.  Oh and don't forget magnets, I used button magnets but I would have rather used my less expensive business card magnets that I have 100 of... somewhere in this room.  Please tell me how I can have such an organized room but never remember where I put stuff?  OF course I label drawers and cabinets but you can't list every single solitary thing or you'd go nuts.

Today and Tomorrow will be paper craft day.  Monday will be sewing screw up day. I promise I'll screw it up because I do not know how to sew!  Once I hand sewed a button on a sleeve, and sewed it to the backside so you couldn't poke your hand through LOL!

I have SIX stamp sets to give away - I have to do the drawing of the 12 people who commented a few weeks ago, as soon as someone tells me how to read my darn comments I'll jump on it!

Here is the crazy list of stuff I'm going to tackle in the coming days. Yes, I said DAYS.

Tube Candy (the plastic tubes with candy and toppers)
Tin Candy (Hershey nuggets wrapped in a tin with a window)
Candles (you'll see)
kisses and tons of them (hershey kiss bottoms with cute tags)
Reindeer poop, Snowman Poop, Coal and more with cute toppers
Glass ornaments with a twist
a few sewing projects.

Stay tuned, Christmas 2013 is going to be CRAZY!

Happy Holidays!

Hugs and Happiness!

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  1. cute chickie ! you best get on your list !!! I have one a mile long too !


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