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Where in the world is Kricut Krazy?

Hey there Krazys!

So yeah, I had all these big plans. Blog post every day or two, blog candy (I haven't forgotten the stamp candy)  Recipes, Projects, Jewelry, etc, etc, etc.

What happened?  Well, life.  As a lot of you know, I take care of my mom who has Parkinson's.  We have good days, we have bad days. Lately we've been having a lot of 'falling down' days.  We've had 2 ER visits in the middle of the night and one fun night when she fell hitting her head on the deacon bench in her room. At 4 am.  I did not find out about it for several hours, by then I was in full panic mode and sure she had a skull fracture.  Turns out, a scrape about 2" long across the base of her skull that bled like she had been hit with a hatchet.  Thankfully, other than a headache and a huge mess to clean up, mom is doing fine.  What a scare that was!

Anyone following my saga knows that mom's regular night attendant had a massive stroke last year.  This broke mom's heart as Betty was nothing short of her best friend and angel.  Betty lost a lot, her husband died a few months after her stroke, she lost her home, etc.  It's sad and mom misses her dearly (as do I).  I hired a gal Elizabeth from Kenya who was to be a live in.  She lasted about 8 weeks.  One day I walked into the hallway to hear her scolding my mother for needing help standing off the toilet.  She was terminated on the spot and we haven't had anyone since.  Until now.  Enter Josie.  Josie is my nephews grand-mom on his mothers side.  She has been coming over from 7p to 7a for a week now and things are SO much more stable and relaxed.  She is heaven sent for sure.

So, moving forward (as if anyone is still listening at this point, yawn-fest I know) It's TWD season.  The Walking Dead my friends. Zombies and Rick, Darrell and Michone.  We are a family addicted.  So every Sunday Krystina shows up around 11am with Nick and their baby Ragan.  In the afternoon Matthew strolls in, and in the early evening Amanda, Brandon and their baby Julianna skate in.  It's a family affair.  The last few weekends Krystina has decided to spend an extra night.  Then an extra 2 nights.  Then my week is shot.  I can't get enough of Ragan and Julianna (Grand-parenting is the best isn't it?) so I'm not complaining.

I finally got rid of.........took Krys back home today.  Told hubby and mom at dinner tonite that I was excited because I had my house back and I was going to clean up the craft room (which has a massive collection of various jewelry findings, beads, stones and glue all over the desk) and get ready for the holidays by working on tons of projects.  Everything from cards (duh) to 3d items, ornaments, vinyl projects (got me a few of those big ole glass blocks you put lights in) to treat bags and more.  I was SO excited to get a good nights sleep and dive right in.

Oh the plans I had.  First, clean up and reorganize, that should take the better part of the morning. In the afternoon I was creating a blog plan.  A post for every day.  We were having a Recipe day, a jewelry day. a Cricut day, a Cameo Day and a few whatever goes days.  I was going to have everything done by Sunday so posting could start and be scheduled.  You know, work smarter not harder and all that jazz.

What happened you ask? (of course you don't ask, you have fallen asleep at your keyboard and cracked your forehead on the space bar, but I have to keep going, because one day when I'm super famous, people will be looking for drivel like this and I will be TOTALLY prepared)  Because after dinner, Mr. Krazy and I were relaxin and fixin to watch some Revolution, the Middle, Modern Family, etc. and my phone rings.  It's my baby girl.  "Mommy? can you watch Julianna tomorrow (4 month old lil love-bug)?  Brandon has a 12-14 hour day ahead of him and I have the chance to get more hours but we're stuck"  OF COURSE I said yes... what kinda Teema would I be?

So, I will try to get some things done around Jule's and her nap time.  Amanda picks her up about 3:30 and I have to get dinner on the table and out the door for bowling league so I will resume my big plans of Blog domination on Friday.  I hope.

For those of you hanging on and waiting for something to happen, waiting for the cobwebs to be swept away, waiting for some inspiration, a few laughs and a prize or two, you WILL be rewarded...eventually. For those of you that have given up and are muttering "Kricut Krazy? Who the heck is that?"  I don't blame you one bit.

I've missed you all - and I will getcha back.  Even if I have to bribe you (and I probably will)


Hugs and Happiness!


  1. So happy you are OK
    Life is never Dull
    Keep us posted
    Ray W

  2. OK girl, first I must say I miss your post because you have a way to put a smile on my face with your sense of humor. You have the gift to gab for sure. I am glad things are going O.K. for you and your family. I think family is the most important thing in life so take all the time you need with them, your blog and your followers will be there when you return. You are lucky to have your Mom so cherish the time you have left with her and far as the grand babies go, one day you will turn around and they will be grown teens and you will wonder where the time went. They grow to fast for sure! Have a wonderful day and take care your crafts will be there when you finally do get a moment or two. Hugs Jenny.


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