Vinyl Cups, my Tee-ma necklace and meet the kids!

Hi Krazies - yeah, I misspelled it yesterday, I wrote Krazys.  But I'm not changing it. Why? Because I'm lazy like that.  It's how I roll.

So let me show you a vinyl project I did last month for my great-nephew Jaxon who is going through a Firetruck phase.  But first I have to tell you a story.  When Amanda was 3 (she's now 22) we were at a county fair and strolling around.  A fire truck was there with fireman hanging out and letting kids climb all over, explore, toot the horn, etc.  A fireman says "Hey kids, wanna come check out the firetruck?"  to which my baby Amanda replies "No thank you Mister.  My Uncle Brian gots one and we seed it already a lots"  LOL  That tickles me to this day.  Ok moving on.

So I got these fun cups at the Dollar Tree one day.  I kinda wish I had picked up more but I got one in each color.  It has a flip top and a straw pops out, a cord for them to hang around their necks (not sure that's a super idea...) and a cup on the bottom that you can put a handful of snacks in for the toddler in your life.

I looked all over the place for a simple fire truck svg.  Something with only a layer or three - nothing complicated.  I'm talking I looked ALL over.  I found this one. Where?  Oh, just hanging out in a folder on my laptop titled "SVG's" and in a sub folder called "Firetruck"    Yeah, I am not that bright.  Anyway - I cut them out on the Cameo first using paper to make sure that I could piece it together correctly.  Once I got the sizing correct, I cut it out with vinyl.  Let me tell you, that ladder was almost torn in half by my patience and nerves. You would think it would 'hang' at the top, but NOOOOOO.    I also made the Jaxon name thingy ma bobber in Cameo's software.  I offset the background and matched the colors.  Easy Peasy fresh and squeezy.  I have not asked my niece about Jaxon's reaction.  Mainly because I have the memory of a gold fish (3 seconds) and forget to ask her. She has a very active toddler (aforementioned Jaxon) and his sibling is growing in her belly now.  She has her hands full. (better her than me HA!)

Jewelry, Kinda.

Here for your pleasure (ahem) is my Teema necklace I put together for myself.  Problems I have right off the bat are the crystals are too small. They are the girls birthstones and I thought it would look dainty and cute. But no, it looks cheesy. But that's ok, cause I'm cheesy.  Anyway, just wanted to share this cause I knew y'all would just rave on and on about it and share it with your friends and on pinterest and then tons of people would contact me wanting to know how they could get one and then I'd be busy making them and getting rich and going on cruises and vacays and......  Where was I?  Oh, just thought I'd have something else for you to gawk at.  Here ya go.   I can't stop making these silly things. Maybe one day I'll actually do a good job!

My kiddos

You must never ever EVER tell them that I posted this. EVER.  #1, I did not touch it up in any way (clearly). #2, they all hate it and #3 You can see the lovely water stain on the drop ceiling behind them, you can see red eyes, and diamond eyes.  My girls (Amanda left, Krys Right) are smiling like dorks (their words not mine) and Matthew looks like... well, we aren't sure.  He wanted to hold a cat because he felt lonesome.  But we wouldn't let him LOL.  This was taken at a TWD family get together (The Walking Dead, jeeze people, follow along!)  Again, don't tell them.  If you see them, and you tell them, I will do something drastic. I don't know what, but I will.  Since none of them every go to my blog I should be safe. However, some of my family and friends occasionally pop on here.  DO NOT TELL.   

  My grand-babies!

Here on the left is our miracle.  Ragan was 8 months old yesterday. On the right our lil angel Julianna was 4 months on the 3rd.  I don't normally shove them in the activity mat and start snapping pictures, but they were holding hands and talking to each other and well, I just had to.  Aren't they the cutest?  I LOVE kissing all over these babies.  I realize that they look the same age.  Ragan had a rough start by spending 2 months in Pediatric Intensive care, 6 weeks of that was in a coma so they tell us she will naturally be about 2 months behind other babies. She should catch up by 1 or 2 years.  Julianna has been on track with everything so we are starting to notice the difference with Ragan now.  Either way - we are blessed beyond measure to have these beautiful, happy, healthy little girls in our lives.

That's it for now - hope to have the winners announced in the next day or two.  Truth is, I'm stretched out on my couch with the laptop and not IN the craft room to take photos and choose winners and such.

Hugs & Happiness!

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