Who wants some Chicken Fajita's?

Wow this was a super easy meal and a huge hit!  If you like Fajita's, you are going to love this!

Crockpot Fajita's

Green Pepper
Fajita Seasoning or Fajita Seasoning Packet
4 Chicken Breasts boneless skinless, or Chicken tenders
1/4 cup of chicken broth
All your fixins for Fajitas (tortillas, cheese, lettuce, sourcream, etc)

If you use FROZEN chicken for this, you do not need chicken broth.  If you thaw them first, use the broth. If no broth on hand - just had a lil water to thawed Chicken.

So, cut up your Onions and Peppers and place in bottom of your crock pot (as many or little as you want)
Place chicken on top of that.  Pour in the chicken broth and then sprinkle on the Fajita Seasoning (or seasoning packet)
Turn your crock pot on medium for 6 hours, high for 3 hours.

Your house will smell amazing.  Simply amazing!  When the chicken is done, simply use two forks to shred it (it will shred very easily) and that's it.  As you can see from the photo, I served it in a bowl with the onions and peppers on top.

I have a friend going thru Cancer right now so I doubled the recipe.  I put half in a zip lock bag and then stopped at the store on the way to her house. I picked up a package of wheat tortillas, a package of shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, a tomato (fat juicy one) and a container of sour cream and delivered it.  She and her husband enjoyed it and she didn't have to do anything but heat it up.

I'm going to dry this with beef strips as well and will let you know how it turned out.

I hope you enjoyed this, please let me know if you make this and if you liked it as much as we did :)

Hugs and Happiness!

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