Cricut Artiste Cartridge with Binder Project & More

Hi Krazies!

I had an awful week last week.  Thank you to the Heathers, Terri, Christie & Joanna for stepping in and helping - love you girls!

So - here is a video showcasing the new cartridge Artiste from Close to my Heart & Cricut.  Oh what fun!  The video is long but if you are in the market for cartridges on the cheap you might wanna hang in there for a super secret sale.

You can buy Cricut Artiste HERE  The cost is 99.00 however, you also get 3 D size stamp sets that go with the cartridge and are valued at 18.00 each and 3 sheets of chipboard that also go with the cartridge and stamps valued at 5.00 each.  That makes the cartridge just 30 bucks! WOOT!

Here are a few photos for you if the video is borin ya!  (I know I'm chatty.... sorry)

 The binder project. Was cut at the exact measurements the binder suggested - as you can see from the photo - the rosette dwarfed the treat box. LOL.
 Some of the cuts from Key #1.
The purse from Key #1 (3d)
 Super cute gift box I did on my own with NO instruction from Cricut - imagine that - it turned out super cute!

Here are the carts I have left - prices are 15, 20 and 25. Shipping is extra.

Still Available.  These ARE linked to a dead gypsy.  Prices
do not include shipping - Shipping by priority only and US address

3 birds on parade
a childs year
accent essentials
ashlyns alphabet
best of pixar
beyond birthdays
birthday bash
celebrate with flourish
chore chart
christmas cards
Cutting Up
designers calendar
dinosaur tracks
disney classics
doodle type
elmo party
everyday paper dolls
fabulous finds
fancy frames
florals embellished
flower shoppe
four legged friends
freshly picked
george and basic shapes
give a hoot
graphically speaking
hannah montana
happy hauntings
home decor
indie art
learning curve
locker talk
lovely floral
lyrical letters
making the grade
mini monsters
my community
my world
nursery rhymes
office help
pagoda passion
paper doll dress up
plantin school book
pooh and friends
pooh font set
pop-up neighborhood
printing 101
printing press
pumpkin carvings
rock princess
sesame street font
sesame street friends
sesame street seasons
simply sweet
slumber party
splish splash
spongebob square pants
spring holiday cards
street sign
stretch your imagination
summer in paris
tie the knot
tinkerbell and friends
toy story
trim the tree
walk in my garden
wall decor and more
winter lace
winter woodland
word builders word party

15.00 for solutions cartridges
20.00 for regular cartridges
25.00 for Disney

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. Thanks so much for the video. I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed watching Fiskars in the background. We also have cats as part of our family, or rather, they allow us to be part of their family. I would like to get some carts. I will contact you later. And it's always nice to know that those who use their Cricut on a regular basis have trouble with things turning out right the first time too. Thanks again. The video was a big help.

  2. Hey Tangee! Thanks for the shout out! Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Hi Tangee, sorry to hear you have not been well and glad to see you are feeling better than last week. I have been away with the kids over the weekend, making the most of the sunshine in the UK so apologies for not posting on Saturday.

  4. Sorry you haven't been well-but doesn't it feel good to craft! Thank you for getting the word out on this GREAT cartridge! I have really loved using it. So far I've made a couple of the purses, the smash box and the gable box. I have several projects on my blog. I'll definitely be back to see what else you post and I hope you will hop over to mine: www.paperfiesta.blogspot.com if you get the chance.


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