Heather S's Sunday Surprise: Par-TAY time! (Angry Bird Style)

Heather S here, and I'm back with this week's Sunday Surprise!  Well,surprise!  I'm breaking my own rule already!  I said, out of the box...  I guess part of it is.  But a lot of this is definitely on paper.  And this is a long post so I'm putting my shameless plug in two places : )  I would love for you to check out my FB page at www.hsipesstudio.com  Thanks!

Today is my son's birthday party (please comment below and show him some love!!) and to say is is obsessed with Angry Birds would be the understatement of the year.  This is the first year that he is having a "real" birthday party with friends and everything, so I wanted to go all out.  I'll share some extra pics at the end showing my daughter's artwork too and her massive contribution to the party and my mom's massive efforts to making him one happy little boy : )

Oh well, first - I'll show you him - it adds a little context.  : )  my mother made all of the Angry Birds herself (and yes, she will make you one too, just contact me ;)  ) heatherhammen@hotmail.com

Amazing right?  Saved me a TON of money.

Ok on with the PART-AY!  And today's project:  A party banner and buckets for favors.  I will say  that this was a rather tedious project and it required a lot of patience and computer skill.  You've got that and this project is no problem, lol

Here are the pictures and I'll give a brief description of how they were made.  You can make the project a lot easier by doing a few things, and I'll give you some suggestions on that at the end.

Banner triangles cut at 5" made for a rather large banner - in hind sight I would like to have gone for a smaller size, but it fits very well across the cross bean in our kitchen.

The Pig.  He had the look of a pig who had been hit at least once already - so I thought the detail would be fun : ) 
Yellow Bird.  For the extras I made to sell as die cuts (because its  just as hard to make 5 as it is to make one, so I might as well) I used orange to highlight on the edge - it worked very nicely.  Also, I used brown marker to detail th.e wood, and black Stickles to look like nails.

Red bird!  (My son't favorite!)

The party bags!  Candy sleeves topped with bag toppers from Sherry K Designs, more on that below. 

Close ups  : )
OK, so here is a quick run down on how I made this fun project!  It was a LOT of work!  I used SVGs from The Lady Wolf.  Those of you familiar with her know that she took a lot of her files down, but she put them back!  You can find her Angry Bird files here: http://theladywolf.blogspot.com/2012/07/angry-birds-svg-back-by-popular-dmand.html
But even after you have them. depending on the machine you have, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to get them from that point to the cutting point - as you know if you work with SVGs found on the web for free : )

All of the birds were cut around the 3" size.  The letters were found inside of this AWESOME pack from Sherry K Designs!  FREE and if you don't feel like doing all of this detailed cut out crap, then this pack is for YOU!  Click here to download (its ok - no worries on a virus) and you get this awesome party pack AND the Angry Bird font!!  Sweet!

OK - how to make it easier?
 - Ditch drawing the wood detail on the boards.  I spent forever doing this and you can't even see it on the finished product.  
- Ditch the wood all together
- use the Sherry K pack - so cute and very easy!
- Hire me to do it all for you   (wink)  www.hsipesstudio.com

Seriously though - if you try any part of this and come into problems reach out to me, I love to help.  Happy scrapping!  - Heather

Oh!  PS - my daughter (did I mention she's only 13?!?!) made the AH-mazing cupcakes and cake for her little brother.  Isn't she awesome?!?!?!


  1. Love!Love!Love!The birthday party decor!!!Super Duper Cute!

  2. Happy happy Bird-day!!! Hope have a wonderful day.

    OMG your daughter did an awesome job with those cupcake, she really got her mother talent, :)

    The decoration is beautiful. You also did a great job. TFS.


  3. Tell him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" what a fantastic party!

  4. Happy birthday Alex! Fabulous projects Heather thanks for sharing!

  5. That lil guy is SO lucky! Birds birds EVERYWHERE! Happy Birthday! Great job Heather - love love love everything! did you save me some cake?

  6. It looks wonderful. Now you need to take a deep breath and rest. That was a lot of work.

  7. Thanks everyone! It was a great day all around! Exhausting, but sooo worth it!

  8. Wowsers, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh? Your DD did an amazing job!!!

    Your son is one lucky boy to have a talented/creative grandma, mom, and sister!!!

    Looks like he had a wonderful birthday!!! Happy Birthday, "Birthday Boy"!! :-)

  9. wow you did a great job on everything!!!



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