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May 29, 30, 31 all rolled into one. Bloom, Botanicals Block Party

Aww - sweet Christie was up ALL nite doing these - she is a doll!  I'm gonna try to get her over this weekend to play - she is so awesome when she is relaxed and laughing and telling stories!

Thank you Christie!  You are AWESOME!


This is a lite cart and does not have a binder project.  I love bird cages and decorating with them so for this project, I placed them on a canvas that has been painted gold for
a simple, yet sophisticated look.  This would be perfect for a bathroom.  This cart is so fun that I think I could do a lot of decorating this way!

Block Party:

This cartridge is so much fun that with no binder project, I had so many ideas and finally had to settle on a layout.  It is a great cart to use to make napkin rings, place cards or decor for your outdoor BBQ or summer picnic!


There are so many ways to say I'm sorry, but a simple elegant way is with this cartridge.  It has several cards and several sayings but I settled on the "I'm sorry" theme because I know what it's like to owe someone an apology (especially for missing several deadlines) and not have the time to do it in person.  I loved making this card and this cart is full of beautiful cards with the botanical theme, but I'm thinking home decor with this as well.

From Tangee:  Christie - you owe no one an apology - you have to deal with life first - the blog and your contributions to it do not pay the bills lovebug - your job does. I appreciate you and I know the followers do too!

Now - who wants to win every single project done the month of May?  Don't want the projects? That's ok cause you can choose a cartridge instead!  Cricut Circle exclusive Sophe!

Please make sure to put a comment on every project here on the blog as well as  Also you may leave THREE separate comments on this post for 3 separate chances as I didn't want to split up this post.

Thank you guys!  Will draw the winner by Sunday!  Now we need to come up with something fun for June!

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. These are very nice, Loving all of your proects!

  2. Firstly:- Christie, I ditto what Tangee said:- No apologies needed! :-)

    Love your birdcage. I, too, love the li'l critters! TFS! :-)

  3. Your "Botanicals" card is gorgeous. I love how the cards on on this cart. have a cut-away feature. TFS! :-)

  4. What a month! Christie and Tangee, I've enjoyed your 'daily' projects and appreciate your time and dedication in getting these done. They look awesome and this has motivated me to try the projects.

  5. Your "Block Party" LO is. . . yummy! Makes me feel like I need to get this cart. You li'l enabler, you!!! LOL TFS! :-)

    Tangee/Christie:- what an awesome "one only" blog hop. Enjoyed seeing what you gals created every day. I was just like a kid at Christmas, wondering what your next project would be.

    Thanks so much for all the time/energy/fun you shared w/ all of us!! :-)

  6. Love the gold canvas and bird cage.
    i'll have to check that cart out.

  7. Thanks for all your awesome projects. I copied your "American Pride" layout to make for my granddaughter who recently completed her basic training with the AF. Came out great with her first formal pic after finishing up her training. Thanks you so much! (would take a pic, but, my camera is on the fritz). Thanks again!

  8. Your 'I'm sorry' card is lovely, Christie!
    Also, I too agree with Tangee. Life always throws something into your plans, delaying what we thought we'd have completed. I'm impressed you have family, work, school, etc and you still complete so many cool projects! of course you may stay up all night to do it!
    Thank you both for the fun peak at so many cartridges this month!
    Oh Tangee, you are such a riot!

  9. Oh!My!I love this birdcage...I would copy this idea and make something for my Front door.TFS

  10. The BBQ layout is perfect for this the summer season!!!!I usually hang around with my neighbors and grill/BBQ all summer long!!TFS

  11. BBQ is such a perfect layout for this time of year.

  12. Ok...The best for last.This is a Stunning card!Love how you created a 3D Flower.I have not tried that idea but will soon....Absolutely Gorgeous!!!TFS...Love all of your projects and the links of ideas were also great!Thank You Tangee and Christie!!!You girls Rocked!!!

  13. And I really love how you did those flowers.

  14. Great layout for the 'Block party'. Great for cookout pix and more than one too.
    Hugs, Jess

  15. Ilove the flower on the card! How in the world did you make it? Tutorial please?? TFS Hugs, Jess

  16. I think birds and bird cages are every where right now. I opened my Tuesday Morning sale paper and there were two 'Antique bird cages'! Lovers of them are probably swamping TM now.
    Tanks for the cute little card. Hugs, Jess


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