May 31, lots of info here Campin Critters

Hey Krazies -

Yes, it's been super hectic round these parts.  As some of you may or may not know, my my has Parkinsons and has had a pretty rough week so I've been sidelined helping her. Not to mention my laptop is in a coma. That's a nice little expense I hadn't planned on along with hubby's truck breaking down. Oh when it rains it pours but we have our health so we are blessed.

Christie has also been up to her ears in work and school activities - she was able to sneak away for 1/2 a day to go kayaking on memorial day and is now dealing with sun burn HA

Ok so I owe you SEVEN projects for the month of May and then we will be complete - after the final project is posted the contest will begin. Please watch the video so you can see the exciting news regarding the contest and some cool buys I got at Walmart.

Campin Critters!


  1. Hi Tangee!Super Cute layout!!!Yes you can say yo did an awesome job!..OMG!!Sophies Cart is awesome....I hope I win!!!!Can't wait to see the bow tutorial.Love the scraper..Can't wait to see the clothespins decor!Thanks for making me laugh!!!

  2. Oh, Tangee, what a week you've had! you, your husband, and mother are in my prayers.
    A choice!! That isn't a choice. Although you and Christie have worked hard on these projects and they turned out really cute.....Sophies!! Are you kidding!!!!! YES!
    Guess i have to get to Walmart and get me one of those scrapers. Great idea with the potato-masher. looking forward to seeing your tutorial.
    i have missed you these past few days and glad to see you back!

  3. Hiya Tangee. OMG, you've had a lot to deal w/ this past while. It can only get better, right?

    You found some great gadgets at WallyWorld. I'll have to see if ours carries that scraper. Love it!

    Your project is super cute!! TFS! :-)

  4. Was just on youtube and watched the vid. Love the potatoe masher video. I wonder if I could nail it down somewhere to have a stationary bow maker. Love the layout. Hugs, Jess

  5. Thanks for doing all of these projects - it is interesting to hear the mistakes that are in the handbooks! I need to follow your advice and do some of them! And thanks for showing your deals at Walmart! I loved seeing your cats in the background of your video! :-)


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