June Happenings

Hey Krazies -

I have some fun stuff planned for June!

SVG projects
Pazzle Projects
Cartridge Projects (Of Course)

Projects by Machine - Baby Bug, Expression, Expression 2, Imagine, Pazzles, Cuttlebug, and a few more surprises.  I doubt I have the energy or patience to dig out the youdu so don't hold your breath for that one LOL.

I also want to do some more stamping and once a week have a Pinterest Challenge. This is where I will do a project I found on Pinterest and I invite you guys to join me - I just have to figure out how to accept projects from you guys and post them.

I belong to Stamps of Life stamp of the month and let me tell you this months stamp is ADORABLE! if that link doesn't work, go to www.stampsoflife.com and look for the turtle2love set - I think this is my new favorite!

 It's been a crazy weekend here - Maryland rarely gets tornado's - especially in our area.  We had 9 NINE touch down and 3 were in our county. Here are 2 of them - each is about 10 minutes away in opposite directions.  Photos are from facebook and not mine cause my krazy butt was not going out in this mess!

Oh Guess what I did yesterday?  I cut every envelope, card and tag on the Art Philosophy Cartridge - at 2" so I could see what they looked like and lemme tell you, I am VERY impressed - I love this cart more every day!

Tomorrow I'll announce the winner of the Cartridge (or projects whichever the winner chooses)

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. Thank you for the info on Stamps for Life..I liked a couple of dies and stamps....TFS...

  2. can't wait to see what you have. I hope you are out of harms way and everyone is OK there in Maryland.

  3. what a fun idea..cutting everything out on a cartridge. Now you need to play with those cuts for even more fun. I love that cart.

  4. Sounds like you have some fun stuff coming up Tangee! I can't wait to see :O)

  5. OMG, those tornadoes are too scary. Hope they don't wreak havoc on anyone!

    Your "June Happenings" sound like a very happenin' thang! Looking forward to seeing what's in store.


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