May 5 Basketball Cartridge

Hola & Feliz Cinco de Mayo compadre's!

Yes, I know I'm a day behind but guess what? Tomorrow I won't be WOOT!

So - here are some cuts from a seasonal/limited/small whatever cartridge Basketball.  You may want to cut the players bigger than normal because they contain some teeny pieces.  Incidentally - Billionaire (from this morning) and Basketball are NOT layouts - they are simple cuts for you to see what the cartridge can do.  For the cartridges I'm clueless to figure out what to do with I just do a few cuts so you can see what it's all about.  I've had a couple of 'nice layout' comments which took me by surprise cause if this is a layout, it's pretty blah dontcha think? Anyway - this would be cute for any sports layouts, maybe a congrats card or a bday card.

Please remember - the more you post the more chances you have of winning all 31 projects for May. You must post on each project once and only once. However, you can also post on the corresponding youtube video for an extra chance.  Please keep in mind not every project has a video.

See you later this evening with May 6 and then tomorrow with May 7

Hugs and Chirps!


  1. Oh!I love this!My nephew is into basketball and is favorite color is Red!TFS

  2. I think this is the only sport cart I have. Never used it, only bought it because WalMart had it marked down to $5.00! I can totally relate to carts that you're not sure what to do with! LOL

  3. Thanks for sharing the possibilities!!

    Ildi-The Craftin Mama

  4. Great cuts, would be great for layouts

  5. Need to do some basketball pages. Thanks for the ideas.

  6. Thanks for the cool cuts, Tangee!

  7. My Alex would love this one, he is obsessive about shooting baskets!


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