May 6 Destinations

Yep - we skipped a few HA!

Christie wanted to do a little something for my girls new apartment.  So she made this fun lil number:

 So my girls are 20 and 22 years old (for a few more months anyway) and have chosen a Paris theme for their kitchen & dining room.  Christie decided she wanted to make something for them so she made this 81/2 x 11 canvas.  She painted it pink and then cut out the tower on shiny black card stock and glued that down.  She made the purple/white one for the prize bot (May's project box someone will win)

I sit here and pound out projects - she paints. She had 4 projects she was in charge of a week ago and she finished THIS one that she started last nite.  She does have a super cute frame from accent essentials, a batman project and April Showers.  Hopeful she turns them in before Christmas (insert dramatic eye roll here)

Ok so there you have it - 6th day of May, 6th project of the month!  You can win them all!

Also - just a side note - we're having a big ole blog hop starting Friday WOOT! With a bunch of talented ladies, awesome projects and great blog candy!  Be sure to come back for more information!
Hugs and Chirps!


  1. Love these Canvasas!!!!!I will be waiting for the Hop!!

  2. How exciting for your girls and even better for you, you get more crafting space...lol!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Ildi-The Craftin Mama

  3. Very pretty! I love doing canvas art! So much fun and fairly easy!

  4. This is really beautiful!! Christina ccapps35@gmail.com

  5. Very cute, I bet your girls loved it

  6. Never done anything like this. Love it

  7. Your girls are going to have the best looking apartment ever!!! :-)

  8. Love this! Your girls are so lucky!!!


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